In association with Samsung

“The value of an idea lies in the using of it.”,Thomas Edison (1847 – 1931)

We know the way to progress is to innovate, evolve, and adapt. Every once in a while, we see an idea that turns our lives around. It changes the way we see things and perceive them. For instance, can you imagine what life would be without a zipper? Yeah, something that trivial. Or how would we survive without earphones? It’s these things that have upgraded lives overnight. 

Now, as we all know, the future is in the hands of the GenZ. And the only way to progress is through creativity. To encourage this, Samsung has come up with its initiative ‘Solve For Tomorrow’. And as a part of this campaign, they’re hosting a really interesting competition!

There is so much talent in the country that is left undiscovered due to lack of resources and opportunities. There are not enough platforms that enable or provide outreach to the young minds. Through this competition, people aged between 16 to 22 can register and get the opportunity of being mentored by some of the finest institutions of the country like IIT Delhi. And also win upto one crore rupees! 

What does it require? Well, just a bunch of brewing ideas that can change the world.

While the competition is going to give the bright minds a platform to shape and groom their ideas, the society as well will eventually benefit at large. The inventions that will come out of the competition can actually solve a lot of the problems that we’re facing. Especially when we’re recovering from the lockdown and adjusting to a new normal, there is a massive need for change in lifestyle. It’s only a matter of time that our fundamental habits go obsolete. Considering this, it’s about time that we open doors for advancements. And that is exactly what Samsung is doing with this competition. 

So if you have ideas cooking up inside your head, go ahead and apply for ‘Solve For Tomorrow ‘ here. Remember, the entries close at 5PM IST on 31st July 2022. So hurry up! And while you’re at it, check out this cool video to see what’s in there for you!

*sending some good luck your way*