If you grew up in the 90s, and were lucky enough to have a dial-up internet connection at your home, MSN is a name that would instantly evoke emotion. For those not in the know, MSN was one of the earliest IM platforms. It had its share of drawbacks too. And because you couldn’t use dial-up internet when someone else was talking on the phone, the most frustrating thing was your mum talking to relatives for hours while you waited for her to disconnect. 

However, as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger and host of other services took over, MSN Messenger soon took a backseat before it finally shut down in 2013. A twitter account, though, is keeping the legacy alive. For those who’ve been fan of the platform in their teenage years. this account perfectly describes your feelings when you were using the MSN messenger. 

Here are some of the best tweets. 

This was the cool thing then. 

Oh, the suspense.

Not cool man, not cool. 

That was a struggle!

MSN had DPs before DPs were cool.

 The habits that carried over to WhatsApp

Our childhood’s fail whale.

Although no one uses it anymore, it’s heartbreaking to see MSN Messenger go for good. 

For more trips down the memory lane, follow this account here: @MSNmesenger