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We all have friends who are always like “Chal ab party de”, “Party kab hai” and “Meri treat kaha hai”. Sometimes, they don’t even know the reason but jump into your conversations, just to ask you for treats!

And, in my circle, almost everyone has a gigantic appetite! They ask me for treats even on my nanoscopic achievements – I mean, you gotta chill guys…I ain’t the owner of Microsoft! 

Get money -> Treat your squad -> Be Broke – The endless cycle of my life!

Okay, honestly, at times, I feel like having a good time with all my friends over lunch or dinner. But, my friends never settle for less and never seem to have cash – like until I am completely broke by paying the restaurant bills, unko mazza nahi ayega! And the excuses! Let’s not even get there.

Thankfully, Zomato Gold is here to rescue! Now, I can feed all my Bhukkad friends! 

So the other day, I was scrolling through dining offers and I found out about Zomato Gold and without thinking twice, I bought the unlimited membership for a year. The reason – you already know by now, don’t you? Then, watch this video:

Well, with benefits like 1+1 on food and 2+2 on drinks at over 5,400 restaurants, I am gonna save a hell lotta moolah FOR REAL! And guys, the benefits aren’t over yet, you can also get additional discounts on referrals or by paying via Paytm. Sounds awesome no? 

My bank account and friends’ appetite, both are satiated now! 

And, I guess it’s time to explore some fancy eateries with my squad ‘cause Zomato Gold won’t let me go broke with the bills!

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