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If I were to talk about our obsession with phones, I’d be stating the obvious. But let’s cover the majors, like the infinite scrolling on Facebook, those mandatory Snapchat selfies, and the #NotSoCandid pictures on Instagram. Let’s face it, we have all been there or are still doing it – at least the Facebook bit. It’s all fun and games until our phone starts acting up, sometimes the battery, sometimes the camera, and at times – the whole freaking phone hangs. Such a buzz kill!

If you’re a social media butterfly like Mallika Dua and your phone backfires at the most crucial times then being mad is quite justified. This video by Honor sums up the same in a rather funny fashion. Mallika, who might have what they now call #OCP (Obsessive Compulsive Phoner), seems to be losing it when her selfie selection takes an abrupt halt. That’s when her rant begins and it’s relatable, word for word.  Thankfully, for her, Ankit Vengurlekar, India’s well known Gadgetwala, happens to notice her struggles and makes to her an offer she just can’t refuse – the Honor 7X. Coming from India’s most legit tech reviewer, who’ll say no to that? Here’s Mallika Dua basically being us when the phone hangs: 

To watch the hilarious banter, click here.