Almost all of us swear by Google’s Chrome. But if you are a regular user, it’s no secret that the Google Chrome browser tends to eat up your laptop’s battery life at a pretty speedy rate.

And now, there is a video that gives us proof. Microsoft has shown how Chrome drains your battery and goes one step ahead to prove just how it measures up to its competitors. 

It has also claimed that its Edge browser is far more efficient than Google’s browser when it comes to battery. 

This is how Microsoft did it:

In a test video, Microsoft pitted its Edge browser against Chrome, Firefox and Opera browsers by streaming the same HD video for hours. 

While Chrome lasted for only 4 hours and 19 minutes, Mozilla Firefox drained the computer’s battery in 5 hours and 9 minutes and Opera in 6 hours and 18 minutes. Edge emerged the winner after it streamed the video for 7 hours and 22 minutes as you can see in this video.

So, going by the results, Microsoft Edge browser lasted 70% longer than Chrome, 43% longer than Firefox Firefox, and 17% longer than Opera! Pretty bad news for Google, right?

But this is not the first time that Google Chrome has been proved to be a battery drainer. Many reports have proved that Chrome is notoriously resource hungry. Even Google is aware of its biggest problem and has been trying continuously to solve this issue.

b’Source: Windows’

Meanwhile further attempting to popularise Edge and trying to win over people from Chrome to Edge, the company claims in a blogpost

We designed Microsoft Edge from the ground up to prioritize power efficiency and deliver more battery life, without any special battery saving mode or changes to the default settings.

But despite its flaws, Chrome still owns 46% of the worldwide browser market, so while Microsoft is trying to up its game, it still has a long way to go. In the battle of the web browsers, let’s see if this winner on battery life, wins people’s hearts too!