In association with Tinder

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. And trust me, there is no better time to be on Tinder than now.

The time between January 1 and February 13 is peak Swipe Season, which means Tinder activity reaches an all-time high, with members swiping an average of 100 more times per person than other similar length time periods! And with millions of new people joining Tinder in the new year, these extra swipes add up. In fact, last year’s Swipe Season saw matches worldwide increase 40 million on average!

Based on these trends from last year, Tinder anticipates that there will be a spike in activity this year too.

A Swipe Surge is when activity on Tinder in your area is heating up. It happens naturally at different points — during festivals, Valentine’s Day, or anytime people in your area are active on Tinder. When a Swipe Surge is on, activity is up to 15x higher, your match-making potential is increased by 250%, and you’ll also spark up a new conversation 33% faster.

A surge like this can happen at any time, so you need to be ready to go. Tinder will let you know anytime there is a Swipe Surge in your area. All you need to do is keep your push notifications on, keep your phone charged and your best opening lines ready to go. What’s more, if you’re on Tinder during a Swipe Surge, your profile will appear in front of the line and will even show you which other members are currently active.

So, if you want to make the most of this Swipe Season and a Swipe Surge that comes your way, here are three ways you can jazz up your Tinder profile. 

1. Causes are king.

In today’s day and age where there are so many issues that people are fighting for, finding someone who resonates with these causes is a must. And on Tinder, causes are connectors. Mentions of climate change in bios alone have increased 80% in the last year. So, wear your cause on your bio with pride and look deeper into other profiles for a “cause connection”. 

2. The love in your stars.

Zodiac signs are super popular everywhere and Tinder is no exception. Mentioning star signs in bios grew 16% on Tinder this past year. It’s another ice-breaker for people and an easy conversation starter that makes sure you don’t have to resort to overused lines about polar bears to break the ice. 

3. Introverts are having a moment. 

Tinder has become a home for introverts. Last year loads of people mentioned their Myers’ Briggs personality type in their bios and it turns out introverts are having a moment. The top 3 most commonly mentioned Myers’ Briggs personality types were all introverts. 

So, now that we have you all prepared for a Swipe Surge, what are you waiting for? Turn your push notifications on, keep your phone on the ready and make the most of Swipe Season!