2019 will always be remembered for some most innovative tech that we saw in recent years. At a time when it appeared that the innovation is dead and a major change is not possible, we saw smartphone displays that can be folded in half.

It’s the end of 2019, which means that it’s time to choose the best smartphones of the year.

Please note that these phones are in no particular order.

1. Apple iPhone 11 Pro

To no one’s surprise, Apple iPhone 11 Pro is the first phone on our list and is easily one of the best phones that we saw in 2019.


Whether it’s the triple camera sensor setup or the most powerful, A13 Bionic, chipset available on any smartphone in 2019, iPhone 11 Pro can handle pretty much any task you throw at it.

If you love Apple’s ecosystem, this is the best phone that Apple has to offer in 2019.


2. Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus

When it comes to making big phones and utilising every inch of it, it’s hard to beat Samsung’s Galaxy Note series.

With a Dynamic AMOLED technology, the Galaxy Note 10 Plus offers the best display on any smartphone we saw in 2019.


It is the latest edition to one of the most loved series in the market and easily one of the best smartphones of 2019.


3. Samsung Galaxy Fold

Just when everyone thought that the smartphone innovation is dead, Samsung introduced Galaxy Fold and people went drooling over it. 

When folded, the phone can look a little chunky, however, when you unfold it, that’s when you feel the magic of Samsung’s 7.3-inch Dynamic AMOLED display.


Though the phone is very expensive and is not for every smartphone user out there, if you want to experience the first glimpse of where the smartphone industry is heading, you have to have it.


4. OnePlus 7 Pro

With a 90Hz notch-less Fluid AMOLED display and a big 4000mAh battery, one can never go wrong with OnePlus 7 Pro. If you don’t want to spend a ton of money but want to know how a $1000 phone feels like, this is the phone to go for.

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5. Samsung Galaxy S10e

This might be a surprise to many of you but in the world full of big and chunky smartphones, Samsung decided to launch a compact phone that is all about the best use of small space and as the company expected, people loved it.


The phone not only has almost all the top of the line specs but it also fits perfectly in your hands and gives you a compact smartphone experience, which is what many people look for while getting a new phone.


6. Asus ROG Phone 2

With the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ chipset, a 120Hz display and a massive 4000mAh battery to power it, Asus ROG Phone 2 is a rejoice for gamers out there.

Apart from the top of the line specifications, the phone offers a rare feature, the headphone jack.


7. Xiaomi Redmi K20 Pro

Launched in June 2019, the Redmi K20 Pro is one of the best budget smartphones that we had this year. 

The phone offers some high-end specs, a big notch-less display with a pop-up camera and a headphone jack for a fraction of cost compared to some other smartphones.


Some people called it the Poco phone of 2019 that people loved for the value it offered and the money they paid for it.

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8. Google Pixel 3a

With the Pixel 3a, Google tried to focus on the budget segment of the market with an incredible camera, stock Android experience with quick software updates, a decent battery and a lot of what people were looking for in an inexpensive phone.


9. Realme X2 Pro

This might not be the phone from a tech giant but it’s very well a phone that successfully surprised everyone. 


This is another phone that offered almost all the necessary features like 90Hz Super AMOLED Display, top of the line Snapdragon 855+, quad-camera setup, 3.5mm jack and a big 4000mAh battery in an affordable price point.


10. Apple iPhone 11

The phone was launched as a successor of iPhone XR, which was already a great phone, and was very well received by users across the world.

With a compact design, A13 chipset, dual rear camera sensors and a bigger battery, the iPhone 11 was iPhone XR’s successor in every way.


So there you have it, the top 10 smartphones that we saw in the year 2019. We have some high hopes for the next year.