If you’re a Transformers fan, there’s some good news for you. Remember all those days when you watched the noble Autobots take on the evil Decepticons and wished you had some machines like that for yourselves? Well, some Turkish engineers have now turned your dreams into a reality.


Yes, you better believe it. 

A Turkish company called Letrons has actually modified a BMW car to turn into a Transformer. 

Yes, this Transformer does not do many things that actual Transformers in the movies do, like run, and jump, and fly, or even move. And even though it just stands there, it looks really awesome seeing the car turn into a magnificent robotic beast.


They call this the Antimon.


Watch the complete transformation video here:


Even in its robotic mode, the Transformer has some movements. It has a movable wrist, fingers and the head can rotate 120 degrees. And, in case you are wondering, the car does move, though not like a regular car, but using a remote control, and only when it’s in the car mode.

Apart from Antimon, the company has built 4 more transformers and each of them looks as menacing as the ones you saw on screen. The engineers pay incredible attention to details and that is why is takes them a long time to build one. The first one took them 8 months to complete.  


We’re pretty sure that by now, you already want one. But these things are expensive, very expensive, and that shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the first thing you need is a BMW car.  However, if you have the money, they’ll create one for you, and if you have a lot of money to spare, they’ll do some additional research and may include a walking functionality too.

Oh man! I wish I was rich!