Technological change is a key factor in the economic development of a nation. It has enhanced our lives in terms of transportation, communication, healthcare, entertainment or connectivity. Of course, things have been easier and quicker. For the ones, who are from pre-digital era, have witnessed several technological changes over the years be it emergence of social media, transactions via UPI method, watching shows and films on Netflix or other OTT platforms, to name a few.

Source: Tenor

However, some technological advancements haven’t turned out to be better than previous options available around us. And this is what Twitter has been talking about.

A Twitter user, @xaviersjunior, recently posted a tweet saying, “this is the worst thing that has evolved out of technology.”

Netizens have come up with QR codes, Instagram reels, OTT subscriptions, wireless chargers, air pods, UPI transactions and other things:

Let’s check them out here:

I can totally relate to QR codes for dining in restaurants or cafes being one of the worst things to have evolved from technology. What do you think?

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