Twitter is one of the most widely used social media platforms in the world. Sending an idea across within 140 characters not only helps in concision of content but it also makes for an easier read. With the ever changing requirements of the users, Twitter has undergone a lot of changes to provide a better user experience.

In their effort to provide a better user experience, Twitter might stop counting links and photos in their 140 character limit.

Huffington Post


According to a report in Bloomberg, Twitter executives are thinking about removing these customary characters that only make it difficult for the users to attach media to their tweets.

If you are to tweet an image or a link now, Twitter uses 23 characters even after shortening the link. This gives you only 117 characters for the text. Putting a restriction on the already small number of characters makes no sense because Twitter’s USP is to provide you 140 characters for your tweets.

However, Twitter hasn’t made any official statement regarding this change.



Earlier in January, Twitter was considering changing the upper cap of characters to 10,000. That would destroy the main reason behind Twitter’s popularity. The executives finally saw reason and decided against it. Twitter started in 2006 with the sole idea of fitting all the information in 140 characters that can be sent as a text message. 

Removing these characters from tweets might encourage the users to add more media to their posts.