Apple keeps upgrading iOS, adding new features to elevate the iPhone user experience, and basically making things convenient for people. Thanks to these updates, the iPhone now enables face ID with a mask on, can extract text from an image, does not autocorrect ‘ducking’, and so much more. But imagine if one day you got the reins in your hands to design a new feature that would impact over a billion iPhone active users worldwide. You can go all out with your ideas and suggest your wildest of thoughts. Too much pressure, right?

Apple iPhone design ideas

Well, apparently, there is already someone named Soren Iverson, an LA-based product designer, who’s famous on Twitter (now X) for his unhinged ideas on popular apps and products. Now, through his tweets, it looks like they’re actual updates, but they’re not. They are, in fact, entertaining ideas that are crazy in theory but too scary in real life.

Apple iPhone design ideas

Given iPhone 15 and iOS 17 have been newly introduced, here are some of Iverson’s wildest ideas for the iPhone:

1. You can read how somebody saved your name in their contacts

2. Nothing just your phone checking up on whether you maintain basic hygiene after the loo break

3. Guess what, this person took a screenshot of your chat

4. iMessage telling you the average response time of the person you’re chatting with so that you can manage your expectations accordingly

5. Talking about a third person, wanna BCC them?

6. You missed out on a lot of chats in this hyper-active group, so here’s a quick summary

7. Apple knows when you’ve had a few drinks, better take a sobriety test before accessing Google Maps

Now, this one may actually be quite useful!

8. Your face has too many flaws, let us beautify you

Don’t mind us, we only want you to be ‘glowing’ evermore.

All these ideas are too darn believable, and this only makes the future look scary.

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