As we are getting close to the launch of next iPhones from Apple, a new feature related to the smartphone is getting leaked every day. A fresh leak suggests that the next iPhone will be launched in three variants.

Source: TheIndianEXPRESS

According to a report from 9To5Mac, the next iPhone 11 can have:

3x Retina Display And A New Chipset

The successors of last year's iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max may have a 3x retina display while the XR successor could continue with the old 2x display. The report also suggests that all three models may feature Apple's new A13 chipset.

Source: BGR

No USB Type-C Port As Of Now

Right after the launch of last year's models, people were speculating that the next iPhones may have the standard USB type-c port. But as of now this does't seems to be the case as according to the report the upcoming phones may feature the same old lightning port.

Source: Pocket-lint

New Taptic Engine

This time with new iPhones, Apple may ditch the 3D touch feature and improve their taptic engine for a better feedback.


Improved Cameras

Top competing brands like Samsung and Huawei have already moved to a triple or even quad rear camera sensors. This is why Apple is also likely to follow the trend and may adopt a triple camera sensor at the rear panel including an ulta-wide angle sensor.

Source: 9To5Mac

While these leaked features may paint a wholesome picture on how the upcoming Apple iPhones may look, we still need to wait till the month of September when the company will launch the new models.