It is that time of the year when we start thinking about our New Year’s resolution. But what’s better than taking a pledge to stay fit. 

Every year a ton of people take this resolution but there are only few who stick to it throughout the year.


A common reason why people join a gym in the first week of the year but fail to visit regularly is the lack of motivation.

If it sounds familiar, don’t worry we have got you covered. Here’s a list of best fitness bands that will keep a track of all your activities and motivate you to do better than yesterday.

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1. Huawei Band 4 Pro (Not yet launched in India)

Starting with the latest launch, Huawei Band 4 Pro is a feature pack fitness band that comes with an in-built GPS tracker which will motivate you to run a bit longer every day by measuring the distance of your run.


Coming to the technical specifications, the band features a 0.95-inch colour AMOLED display, Bluetooth 4.2, swim stroke recognition, sleep and activity tracker, a PPG heart rate sensor and call/messages notifications alert.

Though the band is not available in India as of now, it is expected to enter the market soon.

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2. Honor Band 5

Price: ₹2,599

If you can’t wait till the Huawei band enters that market, you may want to spend your money on Honor Band 5. The band comes with a 0.95-inch AMOLED colour panel. 

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Other features of the band include a heart-rate monitor, a sleep tracker with over 200 personalised sleep suggestions, water-resistance rating and a sensor to recognise four main swim strokes.

The step tracker feature of the band lets you set a goal and motivates you to achieve it every day.


3. Mi Band 3i
Price: ₹1,299

Being the cheapest fitness band on our list, Mi Band 3i lacks the heart-rate sensor. But apart from that, it comes with every other feature that one needs to stay fit.

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The band comes with sensors that can monitor sleep, remind you about an event, track all your activity in the real-time and reminds you to take a walk if you are sitting idle for a long period of time. It can also notify you for incoming calls and messages.


4. Mi Band 4

Price: ₹2,299

If you are looking for an alternative to Honor Band 5, you might want to choose the Mi Band 4. The band comes with a 0.95-inch colour AMOLED display, a heart rate sensor and a calorie tracker.


The band is equipped with three different sensors that can track your activities like cycling, power walking, sleeping and five different types of swimming.

The band can connect to a smartphone via Bluetooth and transfer all the vital data to the MiFit app so you can track and compare stats from your smartphone anytime.


5. GOQii Vital ECG

Price: ₹2,999

While every other fitness tracker on our list claims to give you the vital stats about your day to day activity, GOQii says that their band comes with a feature to detect heart problems like atrial fibrillation.


The band is waterproof and can track your exercise duration, pace and heart rate. It also notifies you about calls and messages. To avoid heart problems, you need to stay fit and this band helps you in achieving it.

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6. Samsung Galaxy Fit E

Price: ₹2,490

The newest fitness band from Samsung comes with a 0.74-inch mono PMOLED display.

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It packs an accelerometer and a heart rate sensor which can track your activities like running, walking and dynamic workout. The band supports Bluetooth 5.0 and a 70 mAh battery. 

The band displays the step count right on the home screen, so it’s always there to tell you how many steps you need to complete your daily goal.


With features like idle alert and step counter, these bands will help you get fit in no time. Get Set Go!