The world is full of weird gadgets. Some of these can be useful at times but others can be completely worthless. From a gadget that makes annoying noise to a gadget that gives you a shock, these are the 14 weirdest gadgets available in the market.

1. Bluetooth gloves with built-in mic and speaker

Have you ever wished that your fingers could double up as a cellphone? Well, the future is here. This handsfree talking glove uses Bluetooth to make and receive phone calls.

Smart Bluetooth glove with built in mic

The thumb tip of the glove houses a speaker while the mic, charging circuit and a 110 mAh battery are built into the control board which is placed at the wrist. The fingertips of these gloves are conductive making it possible to operate a smartphone wearing them. The glove costs $17 and you can buy it from here.

Smart Bluetooth glove with built in mic

2. Pavlok: Gives you a shock when you do something bad

Remember your teachers punishing you for your bad habits? This shocker does something similar. If you have a bad habit like smoking and you want to quit it, this gadget can help you. Wondering how it works?

Pavlok band

So, every time you do something which is not good for you, with the press of a button you can shock yourself. However, you need a strong will power so that you can press that button every time. You can buy it from here

Pavlok band
Source: Know Techie

3. Zungle Panther: Sunglasses that plays music without speakers

You might have seen some different type of sunglasses but this is different in a weird way. It looks like a regular pair of sunglasses but does so much more than just protecting your eyes. These glasses come with bone-conducting technology which pumps the music directly to your brain.

Zungle Panther Sunglasses

So, when you wear them, only you can listen to music, unlike other glasses which comes with speakers and lets people around you listen to what you are listening. These high-tech glasses look like something straight from the future.

Zungle Panther Sunglasses
Source: ZUNGLE

4. Pulpop: A speaker made of cardboard

Imagine you are at your friend's home and he plays some music but you can't figure out where the music is coming from. You looked around for a while but still couldn't figure out the source of the music and all you can see is a piece of cardboard.

4. Pulpop: A speaker made of cardboard

But a piece of can't produce sound, or can it? Well, it turns out that a company called Pulpop made a cardboard speaker. The whole speaker is made from cardboard and uses a 3.5 mm cable for input.

4. Pulpop: A speaker made of cardboard

5. A washing machine you can keep in your pocket

The invention of washing machines made it too easy to wash your dirty clothes. The only drawback of a washing machine is that it is a heavy appliance and can’t be carried around. How cool it would be if we could carry a washing machine with us.

Nival Travel Laundry washing machine

Well, a company called Nival Travel Laundry just felt the same and made a portable washing machine that fits your pocket. So, now you can take it camping with you.

Nival Travel Laundry washing machine
Source: iGadgetsWorld

6. Ostrich Pillow that lets you sleep better

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind when you think about a pillow? A fluffy rectangular piece you can put your head on, right? But a company called Ostrich pillow is trying to change your perspective.

Ostrich Pillow
Source: Scootsy

The company made a really weird pillow that you can wear on your head while sleeping. The pillow has three holes, one to breathe and the other two to keep your hands warm. Imagine scaring your boss while taking a nap in the office.

Ostrich Pillow
Source: GeekMonkey

7. Sitpack: A pocket chair  

This is one of the weirdest gadgets of our list. Sitpack is a foldable chair that fits your pocket. But the weirdest part of this gadget is the way a person can sit on it. Unlike a traditional chair, Sitpack is more like a foldable tube on which one can sit.

Sitpack: A pocket chair
Source: take A seat

So, it’s not something you can replace with a chair, you can lean on it though.  

Sitpack: A pocket chair
Source: Bless This Stuff

8. Spring-loaded shoes

You might have seen shoes which connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth or the self-lacing shoes, but have you seen a spring-loaded shoe? These are not the type of shoe we see every day. 

Spring-loaded shoes
Source: enko

These shoes were made to prevent the heel injuries a person might get while running. The springs are installed just beside the sole which makes it look weird. Imagine going for a morning run wearing them. 

Spring-loaded shoes
Source: Running

9. A fidget spinner phone

Have you ever seen a meme become reality in the form of a product? In 2018 the trend of fidget spinners took us by storm. We saw fidget spinners in different shapes and sizes, but have you ever imagined a fidget spinner phone?

fidget spinner phone
Source: Gadget Diary

Yes, you read that right. A company made a phone which has a fidget spinner built-in. This phone might not have games installed in it but you can still spin it.

fidget spinner phone
Source: SHOUTS

10. A shaver that connects to your phone

There are different types of attachments available in the market that connects to your phone. These connectors can be really helpful at times but have you ever thought of an attachment that can give you a shave?

shaver that connects to your phone
Source: Alexnld

There is a significant number of connectors available in the market that can help you when your shaver runs out of juice.

shaver that connects to your phone
Source: the gadgeteer

11. A vapour generator

If you are into photography this weird gadget might help you get cool effects for your photos. The gadget uses water to generate vapour.

A vapour generator
Source: Alfred Appel

12. A face mask that lets you talk privately at public places

Wearing a mask in public to prevent yourself from inhaling polluted air is cool but imagine a mask that can’t filter air, instead, it lets you talk privately in public. Wondering how?

A face mask that lets you talk privately at public places
Source: Unbox Therapy

Well, according to the company, their gadget stops the sound from getting out of the mask. Don’t you think it would be really weird if someone wears this mask just to talk privately in public?

A face mask that lets you talk privately at public places
Source: MikeShouts

13. Facebank: A money bank that eats your money

Have you ever thought of a money bank that eats your cash? Yes, it does sound little creepy but a money bank called Facebank does something similar. It's designed in such a way that when you put a coin in its mouth it looks like it's eating your money.

Source: ebay

14. Otamatone: A gadget to annoy your friends

We saved this gadget for the end because it is the weirdest and most unusual gadget of our list. An Otamatone is like a musical instrument but unlike traditional instruments which lets you enjoy the music, this gadget is made to annoy your friends. 

Source: Pinterest

The gadget makes a really annoying sound when you place your finger on the stick and open its mouth. Imagine playing this instrument when your friends are asleep. 

Source: Rob Scallon

We never know what weird thing we see next as a gadget. Did you find any of these gadgets useful? Let us know in the comments.