When you talk about luxury cars, it’s gotta be all about the Rolls, at least for an automotive noob like myself. Rolls Royce cars are basically the physical embodiment of the term ‘wealth’, and the car just isn’t complete without that badass hood ornament sitting pretty atop the hood. 

It’s called the Spirit of Ecstasy, and is in the form of a woman leaning forward with what I assume are wings. Basically, it’s a fancy, expensive little thingy that almost solicits passing pranksters with a penchant for theft and cheap thrills.

Due to a massive rise in people stealing these winged lassies, Rolls Royce developed a nifty little retractable surface under the ornament so it gets sucked into the hood if anyone tries to tug it or put pressure on it, like so – 

Pretty effective if I may say so myself! That speed can take a few fingers off!