Bet you never thought about it, did you?

Maybe not immediately, but at some point in the future you might have to figure out what exactly would happen to your social media accounts on various platforms once you kick the bucket. Well, apparently there are provisions on various social networking sites for their usage post the user’s death. 

Here are the provisions these popular social networking sites have for their deceased users.

Facebook either permanently deletes or reforms the profile to a memorial page for its users who pass away.

Friends and family in this case will be able to continue posting onto the user’s wall. A user can also choose a ‘legacy contact’ who has limited control of your account once the user passes away.

Twitter, on the other hand, allows an authorized person to act on the deceased’s behalf.

The authorized person will need to provide Twitter with an extensive list of proof, including the user’s death certificate and a copy of ID. Although, the user’s family will not be able to send their final Tweet. They won’t get any access to the user’s account whatsoever, it just gets deactivated.

Instagram lets the user’s profile be memorialised.

All of the user’s photos will be safe, and like Twitter, no one is allowed access into the user’s account. According to the Mirror: “Posts the deceased person shared stay on Instagram and are visible to the audience they were shared with, but memorialised accounts don’t appear in public spaces like searches.”

So, that’s how it would go down after death.

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