Your desktop is a clutter, your system is about to freeze because there is a lot going on. You press the “F5” button in the hope that pressing it will restore some form of semblance. You see the desktop flicker a few times before returning to its original state. You hail the F5 button, or the “Refresh” button for ‘saving the day’.


But what do you think the Refresh option is there for?

Does it free RAM?

Does it magically make your system faster?

Does it increase performance?

Well, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but pressing refresh does neither of the above!


The refresh option simply redraws the icons on the desktop

Yes, it is just a tool that redraws the icons on the desktop. It doesn’t clean your PC. It doesn’t refresh the RAM. It has absolutely no effect on the performance of your computer. 


Everything about the F5 seems like a travesty!


But one thing’s for sure, the only “F5” capable of clearing things up is Brock Lesnar’s finishing move!