WhatsApp, you will all probably agree, is not just an open-to-all messenger that helps us getting in touch with someone the fastest way. There’s more to it. 

Some people love sending forwarded messages, while others have made it a ‘Hi, What’s Up’ or a ‘Good Morning’ wishing platform to kill their boredom. And oh, yea. There are those who absolutely love receiving them unlike us, who always wished it never had an option of being visible ‘Online’ or for that matter a ‘Read Receipt’ aka ‘Blue Tick’  feature as there now seems no way to escape from it. 

Yes, you read that right!

Earlier, you still could go to your settings and turn off the Read Receipt option in WhatsApp to avoid the other party to have an idea that you’re available 24×7 on the chat app. But now, a simple trick has finally been cracked to make our lives more VISIBLE!

For those who want to find out if their messages have been read by the other party or not, this guy unlocks the hack and all you have to do is send a voice message. If they’ll open it, the ticks will turn blue. 

This is how Twitter reacted: 

Your thoughts?