Which Volkswagen SUV Is Your Match? Take This Quiz To Find Out!


They say that we are what we eat. I honestly believe that’s truer for what we drive. But there's no denying that we spend vast amounts of time in our cars and so the set of wheels that we own needs to resonate with our personality and lifestyle. 

Seeing as the new year is almost here, if you're looking for a brand-new ride to bring home, there seem to be quite a few options to consider, especially Volkswagen's range of SUVs. These versatile and stylish SUVs, also called SUVWs, are each engineered to fit your personality type.
So, if you're wondering which SUVW resonates with you the most, take this quiz and find out. 

What’s your travel style usually like? 

You got off early from work. What are your plans?  

What does your driving playlist look like? 

Who according to you would make for the perfect company on a road trip? 

What's your perfect drive? 

You’re stranded on an island. What would you do to pass your time? 

What’s your spirit animal? 


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