Wikipedia has always been our friend and guide that helped us whenever we needed information. From how to complete science projects to information on a film’s story, the widely known website has it all.

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Lately, the website has been displaying more than just the information that we needed. Starting with ‘Greetings to all knowledge lovers in India’, Wikipedia displayed a donation request on its website.


The message popping up several times during the last few months made us think if the website was in an urgent need of funds and may shut down if it doesn’t get the required amount. 

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However, after a bit of research, we came to know that it’s common for the WMF (Wikimedia Foundation) to announce fundraisers for the smooth running of the world’s seventh largest website. So the request seems to be directed at ensuring the ad-free experience that we have seen till now. 


According to News18, WMF has clarified in a blog post of 2015 that small donations that website seeks are used to keep all its websites including Wikipedia safe, secure and available. All the staff workers and editors are also paid with these donations.

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Are you ready to donate and keep your beloved knowledge tank up and running smoothly?