Post-lockdown world has introduced us to work from home setups, online birthday parties and Monday morning zoom calls that are more mentally frying than an 8 am physics class.

And God forbid, if we are asked to turn on the camera! (Online lecture kids, we feel you.) If you are also tired of turning your look from a zombie to video call-worthy in 10 seconds, then fret not, here’s a hack for you.

An Instagram account by the username of @shinetotik has posted a video of a woman who’s changing her appearance on Zoom call. 


Apparently, when you choose a virtual background and then click on Studio Effect, it opens a tab similar to those editing apps where you can spruce up your facial features.


To avoid squandering time, you are also provided with an option to save the same effects for all future meetings!


Necessity is the mother of invention, hell yeah!

Watch the hack video here: