Do you remember a time when your phone was just a phone? 

In no time, technology has taken over our world and before we could even realize what was happening, it has changed the lives of every individual. 

In this digital era, applications have become our everyday need and cellphones have got a whole new meaning altogether. 

But did you know that cellphones can also save your lives? Yes, they can!

There are some amazing new apps that can help you out in the most dire circumstances and we’ve got the complete lowdown for you: 

1. Hey Siri

We have all heard of Apple’s personal digital assistant, Siri. 

Setting up the Hey Siri option on your iPhone can call an ambulance without you having to dial the phone. In an emergency, shaking hands won’t be a problem! 

(For IOS users only)

2. Listening  to the heart

A stethoscope app developed by Andrew Johnson uses the iPhone microphone to record your heart beat and can determine if the heartbeats are regular or not. 

(For IOS users only)


3. Pocket first aid

If you’re stuck in an emergency with no medical aid available, this iPhone app can recommend self-treating techniques. 

(For Android and IOS users )


4. Skin Vision 

Among a lot of health apps coming these days, this one is special in its own way. 

It analyzes skin spots and tells you if you have a low, medium or high risk of developing cancer. All you need to do is take a picture of a mole or any skin condition. It then checks irregularities in color, texture and shape of the marks on your skin. 

(For Android and IOS users)


5. Lifeline response

This application gets activated by holding your finger on your mobile’s screen. It then starts a series of countdown timers that end in a call from the lifeline response verification center. 

(For Android and IOS users) 

6. Companion 

As the name suggests, this iPhone app gives you a companion whenever you’re alone. 

Designed by five Michigan students, it enables you to request a friend or family member to keep you company virtually and tracks their journey home via GPS. So before you start, pick your companion from your contact list and they can track your movement easily. 

Any unusual movement is also detected by this app. It’ll ask you if you are okay and you’ll have 15 seconds to press the okay button. If not, the app will transform your phone into an alarm and project loud noises to scare the criminal, if any. 

It also gives you an instant option to call the police. 

(For Android And IOS users) 


7.  Pulse point 

Now, there is an app to do a CPR for you in case of cardiac arrest. 

Pulse point has teamed up with emergency services so whenever an ambulance is called for a cardiac arrest, every CPR-qualified person within 500 meters also gets a notification and can rush to help the concerned individual until the ambulance arrives. 

(For Android and IOS users)


8. Find my phone

Using this app, you can track down your lost iPhone. Alternatively, you can use this feature to also track another person, also an iPhone user, by figuring out their exact location. 

(For IOS users only)


9. Storm Shield

This app can give severe weather alerts for your exact location by issuing storm-based warnings. 

(For Android and IOS users)


10. Phone camera that detects cancer

Now this can snap signs of retinoblastoma, a dangerous cancer which normally affects young children. 

Retinoblastoma shows up in photos as as whitish glow on the pupil-often reflected light emitted by camera flash.