Dear Naps, I'm sorry I was a jerk to you in kindergarten.

This cliched, done-to-death yet totally relatable phrase had me when I first read it on the Internet. The trope of quarter-life crisis us millennials go through in our mid 20's is like a feeling of getting stuck in a rut. It almost feels like somebody up there is playing a very mean joke, quite literally! 

All of this is coming from a guy who wishes there was more sand in his hourglass so that he can at least complete his 6-hour sleep. I already feel clocked out and cranky right at the start of the day; keeping up with a creative job, social (and social media) life, manning a bachelor's house, Netflix... All this requires at least 100 cups of espresso a day!


While I was venting out a soliloquy addressing all of my sleep-deprived issues in life, I stumbled upon this quirky video by Wakefit, an online mattress brand, featuring stand-up comedian Rahul Dua, and let's just say that I found my soul-mate in him. The hilarious video shows him snoozing on the set of a shoot, while his AD keeps nudging him. The guy is on a ranting spree addressing each and every sleep-deprivation hassle we millennials face. 

Let me break the video for y'all and tell you how Rahul and all of us millennials are twinning with our sleep-deprived rants.

1. Rahul Dua's face is an actual representation of my face on a Monday morning at work.

Can all my deadlines be shifted to EOD next year? 

2. Rahul Dua talking about the hectic life of a creative person is literally all of us. "Aapka bhi creative kaam, humara bhi creative kaam, neend poori nahi hogi to ideas kaise aynge, hain!?" 

"Neend poori hoti nahi, toh deemag nahi chalta. Deemag nahi chalta toh creativity nahi aati. Creativity nahi aati, toh jokes nahi aate. Jokes nahi aate, toh second aate hai life me." 

My mantra in life is sorted. Period.

3. Paise ke ameer, neend ke gareeb, if only money could buy us some sleep... 😑

Rahul firmly points out that no matter how many job switches you have in your life; from a 9-to-5 job to a dream job that demands creativity; you ain't satiated until you get a good sleep every day. 

Chaaku lao yaar koi...

 4. When the only magic potion that keeps you going through the day is cold AF!

Oh look, coffee is here!

 *gags after taking a sip* 

"Woh, jaanta hai mujhe. Main us mein, woh mujh mein, samaa se gaye hain," Rahul re-affirmed for his lover... Err... I mean, his gadda. 

There are few relationships which are more sacred than that of a tired soul and their mattress. It doesn't matter if your day was bad, all that matters is that your mattress is waiting for you to come home and sink into its warm, soft, and comforting embrace. Wakefit's quirky video also talks about how your best Netflix spot should be comfy. Their innovative mattresses come with next-gen memory foam which quickly supports and contours itself according to the users’ body shape and help them sleep better. It supports each part of the body evenly to give us an uninterrupted snooze time. Now that's something my life needs ASAP! 😍

 BTW, you can watch Rahul Dua venting out his frustration below: