Regardless of why you're turning vegan — whether it's your health, environmental changes, ethics, or personal reasons, making some changes in your eatery routine can be challenging. We list down for you all those things that you should keep in mind before taking the decision of adopting veganism as a lifestyle choice.  

1. Going vegan overnight will probably lead to some health hazards. Plan your transition gradually.

2. Going vegan doesn't mean you automatically lose weight. You'll need to follow a proper diet and exercise routine to achieve it. 

3. Including B12 and Iron supplements in your vegan diet will increase and help you follow it more easily.

4. If you want to be vegan, you need to read food labels. Look for ingredients like cochineal, suet, gelatine or tallow. 

5. Beans are a great source of protein and fibers. Make sure to include it in good quantity in your vegan diet. 

6. Being a lonely vegan can make it difficult for you to stick to your diet. Reach out to people with similar lifestyle choices and the transition could become that much easier.

7. If you love exploring different cuisines, go for Chinese, Thai and Indian cuisine as they have a lot of plant-based and vegan eatery choices. 

Being Vegan doesn't come with a rule book. It's just your compassion that guides you.