I am 24 years old and have been living on my own for more than half a decade. You'd expect I know how to handle things, right? Wrong. 

There is a lot that I still haven't figured out (probably never will) and keep calling my mom for her advice.

Here are 25 of such instances:

1. I washed red top with white shirt and now there is big stain on it. What do I do?

Rub vinegar and baking soda on the stain. WHAT? I think I will just wear the shirt at home.

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2. I sent you a picture of myself from the dressing room. Tell if I should buy the dress, quicklyyy.

Bahar 10 ladkiyan khadi hai, jaldi bataiye.

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3. Does this lipstick suit me?

I will end up buying red in the end but do you like this colour?

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4. Does this haircut look good on me? 

Maine bola tha parlour waali aunty ko ki zyaada chota na karein, but she didn't listen.

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5. I am making khichdi, rice aur dal ke saath kitna paani daalte hain?

2 glasses? Okay fine. 

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6. I have put it on stove, after how many seetis do I turn the knob off?

Achcha listen, I lost the count of seetis, how do I fix the situation now?

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7. How much do tomatoes cost at home? I think this shopkeeper is lying to me.

Iss season mein toh itna price nahin hona chahiye, ye mujhe pagal bana raha hai.

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8. I have to open a new account in bank, please help me out.

They are making me sign too many papers. 

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9. Friends are calling me for a party. I am too lazy to go but I also don't want to hurt them. What do I say?

No, ma, I can't say I am not feeling well. Kuch naya bataiye.

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10. I took paracetamol for fever but I don't seem to be doing better. What do I do?

Don't want to go to the doctor for this. 

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11. I cooked pasta and it was in the fridge for two days. Will it be fine?

I trust your experience more than my own senses, please help.

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12. I feel nervous, can you please talk to me?

Something is wrong, I don't know what it is.

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13. I am keeping a fast on janmashtami, what all can I eat?

Oh, it's easier than I thought. Ho jaega.

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14. Mami has asked me to come to her son's birthday, what do I take as a gift?

I bought him power rangers ka set last time. Iss baar Pokemon de dun?

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15. I am sending you a picture of my flat contract, aap padh lo please.

Please let me know if there are any loopholes. 

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16. I am in the cab alone, talk to me so that the driver knows I am sharing details with someone.

No, no, he is not creepy. I am just taking precautions. 

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17. I think I got a friend request from Kanpur waale chacha. Sending you his picture, tell me if it's him.

Arey yaar, may I block him? He will write weird comments on my pictures.

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18. It's bhaiya and bhabhi's anniversary next week, what should I send them?

You talk to them and try to find out if they need anything specific. Phir main wohi de dungi.

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19. Front side of my head hurts, does that mean my eyesight is going weak?

Yeah, you were right. I should have gotten it checked earlier.

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20. Can I please go to Goa, ma? 

You should feel nice I am taking permission. Do you know the kind of stuff other kids do?

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21. My periods got delayed, should I go see a gynecologist?

No, I am not pregnant bhai. Chill.

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22. I will tell you my symptoms, tell me what illness I have.

Food poisoning? Really? Wonder why that'd happened, I only ate outside 7 times last week.

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23. So, I bought this plant but it seems to be dying. What do you think could be the reason?

Apart from the fact that forgot to water it?

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24. Can you help me with filling investment return? 

TBH, I know how to do it but I need to be spoon-fed in any matter related to taxes.

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25. I have an early flight tomorrow, can you please wake me up?

Yeah, of course I have put an alarm but you know me, na mumma?

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*Gotta call my mumma, BRB*