Menstruation is one of the most normal bodily function, and yet the taboo around the topic is still widespread. 

From using euphemism to define menstruation, to illogical practices and myths, menstruating women fight many battles, not the least of which is unhygienic practices - especially in villages. 


However, finally, there is a positive impact that movies and NGOs are making, towards breaking menstruation taboos, and combating unsanitary practices. 

And while it is important to not be ashamed of menstruation, it is also imperative that we actively debunk myths that surround menstruation; myths such as these!

In an attempt to debunk similar myths and promote greater awareness on menstruation, SheWings, an organisation founded by Mohit Bharadwaj, with patron Subodh Gupta, has started a nationwide campaign "Yes, I Bleed". The movement will be launched on February 20, 2018, at PHD Chambers Auditorium in Delhi. 

Such campaigns are a step in the right direction, because nonsensical taboos and restrictions are not going to take this society forward. 

Designs by Aakansha Pushp.