I often wonder how relationships used to be and how they have evolved over time. The idea of a perfect relationship, in my opinion, is quite frankly, overhyped. How about just living in the present and not giving a damn about finding "The One". Spontaneity is the one thing that attracts me and it feels better not knowing or planning what’s going to happen next. As Yoda would have said it - 'Ever heard about going with the flow, have you?'

This peppy video by Tinder shows just that and much more. IMHO this girl gets the whole dating routine right. Dance like the total rockstar you are and those who geddit will eventually join in. And who knows in all this madness you might find something epic. Or not. Who cares?

Because you know what? In right swipes, we trust!

Don't forget to catch the super fun video below. It's peppy, it's fun, it has got killer moves and most of all the music is LIT. You're welcome.