As an ardent tech-freak and a proud OnePlus owner myself, I can proudly confirm that phone launches in this day and age are nothing short of spectacles. The mere mention of a phone launch and we have the Internet dropping first look and unboxing videos. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for those videos - they give me all the deets on the phone and some of those are entertaining as hell. But after sitting through hundreds of unboxing videos, the monotony becomes real. 

So when we chanced upon the activity that the good people at Amazon did in Garuda Mall, Bengaluru for the launch of the glorious OnePlus 6, an Amazon Exclusive - to me, it seemed like any run-of-the-mill affair, but I was wrong! This innovative unboxing method had everyone's attention and here are 5 reasons why.

1. They used a mind-reading device to get this shiz done. Whaaa?

Normal people use their hands, but legends use their minds. 

2. They even made a freakin' game out of it. The fastest mind wins!

The participants simply had to concentrate on “speed” for 6 seconds and let their mind do the rest. I can't even get the motivation to move out of bed in the morning. A lucky bunch of 6 folks actually won the spankin' new OnePlus 6. Talk about me being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Why destiny why?

3. Here's a brand that's actually cashing in on the product's USP, like a bawse! 

Considering OnePlus 6 is the fastest phone by the brand, this was a pretty cool way for Amazon to show what the phone actually can do. As someone who's seen unboxing videos by the dozen, this was clearly the method I'll be rooting for in the future.

4. On a side note, that headset which measures neural activity is killin' it! Where can I get one of those?

Who'd have thought that we'd be witnessing futuristic technology straight out of Star Wars in a time like this? Also, can anyone point me to the place where I can get this cool headset from?

5. Can we take a minute to absorb how stunning this phone actually is? *gasp*

An ultra-fast Snapdragon 645 processor, 6/8 GB RAM, up to 256 GB storage, 16 MP + 20 MP dual rear camera and a body made of Corning Glass that makes all other phones pale in comparison - the OnePlus 6 is the phone that everyone should be vying for now. Get the phone exclusively on Amazon now.