There is a reason why they say kids can be great life guides at times. It’s because their perspectives are not touched by worldly experiences, which can occasionally be a great thing.

Because it means that their opinions are not a result of hours of overthinking. They do not spend hours wondering “what will people say?”.

So, it only made sense for George Pointon, a Twitter user and presumably a teacher, to ask a group of 6-year-olds for “a mantra to help us through life”. And this is what the kids said:

What Rory has said is quite wise, and our man JJ tops it with another gem about friendships (which can be applied to all relationships). 

Jack, on the other hand, has revolutionary ideas. Good for him, need of the times.

Meanwhile, Ravi here sounds like my grandfather, which, in this case, is a good thing.

Lola has a precious mind.

Zahra keeps things to the point.

While Susanna is all about practicality, which can be quite useful in certain situations.

I feel wise already, you can read the thread, here: