When you have trust issues with the political leaders, you have the power to dethrone them in the next election but when bureaucracy shows their autocracy, it becomes an ultimate concern.  

While the IAS or officers in their league are accountable for fostering the system with their authority, when the same power climbs to their heads, they abuse it. Some of those real-life instances are listed below. 

1. When athletes were forced to finish training early so an IAS officer could walk his dog in an empty stadium. 

Recently Athletes and coaches had complained that they were pushed to finish training before 7 pm so that an IAS officer could walk his dog on the ground, disrupting their training routine.

2. When Rs. 19 crore in cash was seized from aides of IAS officer in Jharkhand

ED recovered the ₹18 Crore, out of which ₹17 Crore were recovered from the house of a Ranchi-based CA, who serves as the Mining and Geology Secretary of Jharkhand’s IAS officer Pooja Singhal.


3. When Chhattisgarh IAS Officer was caught slapping a cam on camera. 

In a video that went viral on social media during the lockdown, District Collector Ranbir Sharma was seen slapping a man. The IAS officer then tosses the man’s phone on the road and instructs the accompanying policemen: “Maaro isse.”

4. When IAS Shishir Singh said a hoarding that showed how ‘Uttar Pradesh is number one in the country’ didn’t exist in Karnataka when people could literally spot it in Bangalore. 

Shishira, a lawyer, also shared a video of the same hoarding being removed in a sneaky manner. Yet, IAS Shishir Singh made a false statement that he has no information of any such hoarding being put up in Karnataka when everybody could literally see it in Bangalore. The matter turned worse when he also gave legal threats to the man who brought this case to light. 

5. When former IAS officer Babulal Agrawal from Chhattisgarh was arrested in a money laundering case. 

In a money laundering case, the ED detained Babulal Agrawal, a former IAS official from Chhattisgarh. According to the ED, he was detained for “laundering the profits of criminal offences through shell companies and integrating them into the businesses of his family members.”


6. When Maharashtra’s senior IAS officer’s chat with a Real Estate agent on taking a bribe was leaked. 

In the audio clip, Radheshyam Mopalwar is heard urging the builder to construct 50 flats, each of 1,000 square feet, and sell them for one crore each to make a neat profit of ₹10 crore. He was later dismissed by then Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis.

7. When a young IAS officer was suspended by the government for violating quarantine orders and rushing to his hometown, Kanpur after he had travelled from Singapore. 

Anupam Mishra, a young Kerala cadre IAS official, was arrested by the state police and sacked by the government in March 2020 for breaking quarantine regulations and rushing to his hometown of Kanpur after returning from Singapore with his wife. Yet,  Mishra was reinstated and promoted to district sub-collector by July 2020!

Somebody tell them… with great power comes great responsibilty.