Dream job that pays insanely well? That’s something our life should be all about! AND what if it is also makes you feel less-stressed? Damn, I’d be on the seventh heaven.

A professional getting to enjoy an ideal work-life balance with no regrets is all what we could ask for!

We have compiled a list of the high-paying jobs that are not only less stressful but also requires almost no effort. Keep reading.

1. A US company is paying you to watch 13 horror movies.

FinanceBuzz, a US business, is looking to hire a ‘Horror Movie Heart Rate Analyst,’ who will be responsible for watching 13 of ‘the scariest movies ever made,’ and will pay you Rs. 95,000 in exchange for your feedback. 


2. A research centre is hiring people to hug a panda for Rs. 23,54,000

The Giant Panda Protection Research Center is looking to hire panda caretakers for Rs. 23,54,000 a year. We’d do this for free!


3. You can be a professional bridesmaid for Rs. 13,00,000.

We aren’t in the movies, this is real. Professionals come in to assist brides on their big day. A professional bridesmaid’s salary starts at Rs. 13,00,000 per year. Brownie points as you get to eat the amazing wedding food while on job!

Business Insider

4. Airbnb is paying people for living like a nomad. 

Airbnb wants to pay 12 people to live a nomadic life for one year. The programme is called “Live Anywhere on Airbnb.” Airbnb will grant participants anywhere from Rs. 883026 to Rs.1766052 Airbnb credits for the first five months, depending upon how many guests they want to travel with. 


5. You can be a body part model for Rs. 55,00,000. 

Basically, if you have a body part that looks fantastic, you might be able to get this job. The most popular models are hand models. The average salary goes up to Rs. 55,00,000 per year.


6. Earn up to Rs. 10 lakh for simple sleeping on a mattress.

This Bengaluru-based D2C sleep and home solution brand will pay you just for sleeping. Not only will the chosen applicant receive Rs. 1 lakh, but the entire pool of competitors will compete for a grand prize of Rs. 10 lakh.

DNA India

7. You get paid for tasting variety of ice-creams.

An ice cream taster, also known as a taste tester, ensures that each variety of ice cream is up to par, with the correct ingredients, textures, and flavours, so that customers are not disappointed. The average salary is starting from Rs. 2,57,000


8. You get paid to drink wine and come up with food pairings!

Your main goal as a sommelier is to make wine and wine pairing recommendations. To do so, you’ll need to have had your fair share of wine, providing you the opportunity to correctly assess a wine’s qualities. You can earn up to Rs. 43,12,000 once you’ve perfected your skills.


9. You can earn Rs. 51,44,000 for categorising movies/shows on Netflix. 

People are hired by the streaming giant to categorise the movies and television series it has available online, as well as to add relevant tags to boost search capabilities. This can get you earn Rs. 51,44,000 annually. 


10. You get paid for relocating in Locana, Italy.

If you make ₹4.8 lakhs annually and have a kid then you can consider moving to this Italian town Locana. The town is offering over Rs. 7.1 lakhs to those who want to relocate there.


11. The government will pay you to holiday in 15 destinations across India.

The Indian Ministry of Tourism has planned to award travellers who visit at least 15 different places around the country by the year 2022. 


12. You will get compensated for dwelling in an Italian village for 3 months.

Four lucky persons will be taken to the lovely hillside town of Grottole, Italy, for three months, according to their website. Yes, they will compensate you for it.


Will gladly trade my 9-5 job for any one of these!