Are you done listening to Beta aap patle aur achy lagogy or Kab Shaadi Karege Or Kab Bacche Hoge? 

Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and we heard you! Dealing with relatives is not a cakewalk, and we know calling them out gets pretty awkward. There are high chances of you ending up with this: Kitni badtameez ho tum!

Keep reading, because people who have mastered this art have some tips for you.

1. “It is not that difficult to handle them. If they are good to you, be good to them and if they are not, ignore them. To what they are saying listen at that time but dont think about that later. So it depends on you, how you handle them. And for your parents, dont change even after marriage. You are their child, so it is obvious they will be worried. So talk to them about their insecurity.” 

Manika Maheshwari 

2. “I ignore them, especially when they start veering off into that territory. I can have a polite conversation but if they start going off the rails I just disengage.”


3. “Ask your uncles politely why none of their sons and daughters enrolled in the Indian army. Whatever answer they give, smirk and say, “Oh Ok.”


4. “Simply block those hateful people who by chance are your relatives. Tell your mom and dad about it and if they understand that’s great otherwise it is not your responsibility to make them understand. They escaped that toxicity as well, so hopefully, they understand it.”


5. “Let them know without hurting them that you are now mature enough to handle your own life. See if you can learn from their experiences and take advice if you need any. All this depends on what you expect from your relatives. You can always hear what they have to say if you feel they have the expertise to advise you on anything.”

 Nitin Panchanathan

6. “My story is similar to yours and I just let it pass. I stopped seeing those relatives until they became irrelevant and look at me now.”


7. “You don’t have to explain anything to your relatives. Just go on about living your life the way you want it.”


8. “Stop speaking with such toxic relatives. You can read an amazing Book “Boundaries” which may help you in dealing with a relationship.”


9. “Minimise or end contact with people who are a source of negativity. And if you absolutely have to get in touch with them, just spend some time mentally telling yourself that you won’t let their words affect you — and follow through on that.”


10. “Simply indulge. If they are just around to gossip about you, give them something to gossip about. Believe me, they will not bother you again. As I said, all they want is something to keep themselves busy; more than making it better for you. Ensure you are not affected in any way, simply because – it’s not worth it.”

Karthikeyan Sahasranaman 

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