Food delivery services are THE thing at this point, and while they make ordering-in a comfortable process, there are also issues associated with it. For instance, customers exploiting delivery executives and the benefits of food delivery services, is something that happens too often. And recently, a delivery person confronted a customer for doing just that.

DoorDash delivery executive confronts customer

A TikTok user, @yungtuci, returned to a customer’s workplace after she claimed that she didn’t receive her food. The delivery executive turned on the camera and recorded his conversation with the customer. She had ordered the food at her office, and the executive went on to cross-question her colleagues who saw that she received the order.


He uploaded the entire video on TikTok, where he questions her as to why she claimed that her order never arrived. The customer did not admit it at first, but the delivery executive explained to her how this puts his job at risk.

“Okay, well, we’re going to have to figure something out, because it says that the customer says the order never arrived and I’ve got a contract violation. I’m an independent contractor, okay? So that puts my job at risk. So we’re gonna have to call DoorDash support off your phone because I wasn’t the one who said the order never arrived.”

Delivery Executive

Watch the video here:

For some reason, we do not always recognize the ripple effect of our actions. Exploiting the accountability on these apps might sound thrilling or a great ‘hack’ to get free food, but it’s the delivery executives who end up suffering.