At this point, Elon Musk hardly surprises us. He does things, and the world is used to it. Every new day is about him saying or well, tweeting something weird – it’s like watching a kid who’s been asked to keep quiet, and so he’s making the most possible noise just to get a reaction.

Elon Musk
Source: CNBC

This time he apparently entered the Twitter HQ carrying a bathroom sink. As if the “will they, won’t they” dynamic of Twitter and Musk wasn’t confusing enough, he shared this video from the company’s San Francisco office.

According to The Guardian, this visit was associated with closing the deal, and Elon Musk even changed his Twitter profile to refer to himself as “Chief Twit”. He captioned the video clip of himself as – “Entering the Twitter HQ, let that sink in!” And well, it seems like too much of an effort for a pun, but then he’s done more shocking things, so this actually “sinks in”.

The internet is still confused, but most of them have given up and moved-on to memes, as usual.

Stop thinking too much about it, there’s probably no good explanation to the sink.