My back thinks if it aches, I’ll learn to sit properly. Cute. 

Well, this is one of the many dreadful gifts adulting gave us. Imagine being suddenly stripped off your childhood comforts? No, that’s not why I desperately wanted to grow up!

Just know that you aren’t alone. We came across a Reddit thread where people are sharing bitter truths about being adults making us scream ADULTING IS HARD!

1. “You can do whatever you want, but most of the time you either have commitments that prevent it, or you can’t afford it.”

2. “One day your body will betray you.”

3. “Being lonely. Making friends as an adult is difficult, sometimes verging on impossible. You don’t see people in your age group who are doing the same things you are every day anymore.”

4. “You are always cleaning the kitchen.”

5. “The repetition makes you lose time. Having the same job, workout regimen, schedule in general makes days blend into one another.”

6. “You come home from work and you’re tired and if you don’t feel like making dinner, then you’re not eating dinner.”

7. “That ordering food is actually expensive and your parents weren’t lying to you.”

8. “There’s never enough time for all the things you need to do. Definitely not enough time for the things you want to do.”

9. “Life revolves around grocery shopping, preparing food, washing dishes, doing laundry, vacuuming and tidying up. It does not stop, don’t let it pile up for the weekends or else you waste your weekends stuck indoors.”

10. “When all the clichés that used to piss you off start making sense and meaning something, but you can’t explain it to younger people because they haven’t lived that life experience yet.”

11. “People expect you to know what you’re doing.”

12. “Hobbies slowly cease to exist and you just start to look for quick escapes.”

13. “Dental care. It’s so damn expensive if you let your teeth degrade. Please floss my dudes.”

14. “Even though February is the shortest month, the rent is still the same.”

15. “The moment you need to pay for everything and the realization that fresh food spoils faster than you ever noticed before was eye opening.”


16. “Adult acne. It doesn’t magically go away when you turn 18.”

17. “As a teenager you tend to think “I will get married at 28, have a kid at 30 and 33, but only after I’ve graduated from the elite engineering program of my choice.” You may not achieve any of those things, and the obsession with delivering them on schedule will cause you deep frustration or even grief. You may not find a spouse, or have a child, or own a house, or even remain relatively healthy.
Learn to give yourself a break now before you spend years of your life grieving the future you believe you screwed yourself out of.”

18. “People change, circumstances shift…all of that work you put into your adult friendships can vanish in an instant, and you just have to adapt and move on.”

19. “By the time you’re 30 you are going to be lucky to see whatever close friends you have left more than a couple times a year. And it’s considered normal.”

20. “You can’t just quit your job if you don’t like it.”
– elk_eel

21. “You can be homeless.”

22. “Coming home from work and still work at home.”

23. ‘You will be held accountable. No excuses, no blaming.”
– keltoy1549 

Adulting should be optional. There, I said it.