Finding gifts is hard and finding gifts for dads is harder. Most often than not when you buy something for your dad the first response that comes is, ‘iski kya jarurat thi?’ or ‘paise barbaad kyu kiye?’. So, what do you gift your dad which doesn’t encounter the automated response of paise barbaad? According to me, it should be something emotional and thoughtful.

So, if you think papa logo ko gifts se khush karna mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai, then my friend, welcome to the club. Now, I’m not saying these gifts will most-definitely-won’t make your dad say “paise barbaad”, but a girl can try, right?

1. Padhai Likhai Karo, IAS YAS bano

I mean, what better gift could there be for a dad than to see their kids succeed? Now, I’m not saying you need to become IAS only, that was just for meme’s sake but flourish in your chosen field, and your dad would be super proud and happy.


2. Gift him a health insurance policy

If your dad already has one then great, but if he doesn’t then get your dad a health insurance policy. You can take an add-on on the insurance policy provided by your employer, or you can choose from several other policies available. It is a sensible gift and something your dad would appreciate. 


3. Take him for a health check-up

Indian parents want their kids to become doctors, and yet try to stay away from doctors as much as possible. Now, dads might not be much happy with ‘unnecessarily’ going for a health checkup, but you know it’s important. So, book your parents a complete health checkup at home or take them out. 


4. Arrange a get-together with his old friends

Our parents get so busy with their responsibilities that they lose touch with their friends. So, go pick out that old diary with all their numbers or that WhatsApp group, contact them and arrange for a get-together with his friends. Trust me, he’d love it.

5. Cook him a hearty meal of his favourite dishes

You might not know how to cook or you might be a great cook, but whatever you cook, your dad will enjoy it. Or at least pretend to enjoy. So, go on YouTube, search for the recipes of your dad’s favourite dishes, pick one and get cooking. 

6. Teach him how to use a finance manager app 

Is your father a finance wizard? If yes, then go learn a few things from him. If not, then help him manage his finances easily through some finance manager apps of your choice. Helping him sort out his finances might not involve spending any money, but it could be a good gift. 

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7. Teach him about the newer instruments of investment 

Our parents prefer safer instruments of investment like FDs and bonds. While that makes sense, maybe try to introduce them to other instruments of investment like mutual funds and the stock market. We shouldn’t keep all our eggs in one basket and it’s much better to diversify your investment.


8. Tell him your life plans, show him you are a responsible adult and make him worry about you a little less

Sometimes we get so caught up that we don’t share the happenings of our lives and our plans for the future with our family. Dads might make a guess, but if you share it with them, they’ll feel happier. This isn’t a materialistic gift per se, but it’s one of the best gifts you can give to your dad. 

9. Arrange for a trip that he always wanted to have but didn’t because of responsibilities

It’s no secret that dads put their responsibilities and the need of the family before their own, and that too without ever complaining. But once in a while, he also talks about that one trip that he always wanted to have but never did. So, put your planning hat on, and plan for a vacation that he’d absolutely love because if anyone deserves a vacation, it’s our dads. 

10. Try to go home and spend some time with him

If you live away from your parents, try to go home and spend as much time with your parents as possible. Better, surprise your dad on this Father’s Day. And if that’s not possible, at least give him a video call. He might not say much on the call, but he would surely appreciate it more than you’d realise.

Your time could be the best gift you can give him.

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