Everyday household items/objects and parts of the human body can be hard to recognise with extreme close-ups. 

Wondering, how hard it can really be? Well, let's find out. We've compiled close-up images of familiar objects and all you have to do is, figure out what they are. Simple? Go for it. 

Note: Click on the image to see the correct answer. 

1. What does this look like? 

2. Can you identify this everyday household object?

3. Look closely, and tell us what do you see?

4. What do these diagonal lines look like to you?

5. What is this? Any guesses?

6. What does this look like to you?

7. Looks familiar but, what is it?

8. What does this look like? Hint: It's edible. 

9. What in the hell is this?

10. Can you figure out what this is?

11. What is this?

12. Can you identify what this is? 

13. What is this? Tell us.

14. Is this a beehive or what? 

15. What does this look like to you?

16. Can you guess what this everyday household object is?

17. What is this? Go figure. 

Everything is not what it seems. How much did you score? 

Design Credits: Nupur Agrawal