As we celebrate the festival of Lohri on 13th January, we look back at some of the most beautiful and meaningful quotes from the Gurbani that always inspire us. While some remind us to stay humble and have faith in god, others teach us the way of life. 

Translation: Nanak, the devotees are forever in bliss’ listening (to Nanak/God), pain and sin are destroyed.  

Translation: Priceless are those who acquire his virtues, priceless are the treasures of Divine Virtues.

Translation: Hunger of wealth does not diminish by collecting more wealth. 

Translation: Do not harbor evil intentions against others in your mind, and you shall not be troubled, friends. 

Translation: There is only one God. His name is true. 

He is the creator, He has no fear, He has no hate. 
He is omnipresent. Unborn and self-illuminating, by Guru’s grace, he is realised. 
He has been true since time began and for ages. 
He is still true, Guru Nanak says, he will forever be true.

Translation: One who sees himself as lowly, shall be accounted as the highest of all.

Translation: Whoever takes Nanak’s name will flourish. Under his shadow, there is happiness.

Translation: He cannot be established, he cannot be created. He himself is immaculate and pure.

Translation: Complete in the beginning, complete in the middle, complete in the end, is the divine force. 

Translation: Even empires are of no use at all, if they do not bring satisfaction.

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