While we achieve new milestones in technology everyday, there are some things that we can’t really replace for ‘convenience’. Because well, that’s not how technology works. So, if someone at a hospital tells us that we can only take pictures of an X-ray or a scan, instead of the print, our first reaction would be to check if the facility can be trusted at all.

Source: Envision Radiology

This is exactly what’s happening at the Mata Kaushalya Government Hospital, which is a district facility in Patiala. The hospital has a policy where they ask patients to take pictures of the scan, given that they’re usually out of films to print the radiograph.

Source: Hindustan Times

Like that isn’t bizarre enough, patients are even told that they’re ineligible for the X-ray if they do not carry a phone with a camera that can take clear pictures. This is what happened with Fuljaria Devi, a construction worker in the district. As a result, patients cannot get a diagnosis without the scan.

My son works near the Focal Point. Only he has a smartphone. Now, I will have to get my son to get my X-ray done

Fuljaria Devi
Source: Punjab News

While this might come across as a bizarre incident at first, it’s also quite reckless because patients can’t expect a treatment if they do not have a clear idea about the diagnosis. And not all patients come from the same privilege, to be able to carry a smartphone at all times.