Brands are like people. As they grow old, some wither, others fade away. Some just last for ages.

We make associations with certain brands and products that they trigger a wave of nostalgia when we talk about them. Here’s a few brands and products that 90s kids would remember but they do not exist anymore. 

1. Goldspot

The zing thing.


2. Konica

Remember those cameras with a reel?


3. Campa Cola

The original cola soft drink that was extremely fizzy.


4. Chiclets

Those candy-coated chewing gums were the real treat.


5. Compaq

One of the largest manufacturers of computers and related products and services in the 1990s.


6. Binaca

Binaca toothpaste ruled India at a time.


7. Ambassador

The big size family car that incorporated the entire family.


8. LML

They don’t make those LML scooters anymore.


9. Wonder Gel Pens

I still remember how I used to fight with my siblings for these pens.

ibd brands

10. HMT

HMT watches were the luxury once upon a time.

The Week

11. Cadbury Chocki

There can never be an alternative to this.

12. Cadbury Bytes

If they launch it again I’ll be the first one to stand in the queue.

13. Fiat Padmini

The production of these cars stopped back in the 2000s and even the last few remaining were taken off the roads recently.


14. Loco Poco Bubble Gum

15. Cadbury Milk Treat

We now have Milky Bar but nothing beats this.

Which team are you on? The 90s, or the ones who do not recognise them.