You know what, we always remember our firsts especially when it’s your first day in an IIT. 

I mean, from the excitement of studying in one of the most sought-after colleges in the country to finding your way around the hostel, the first day in an IIT is nothing short of a memorable experience. 

Well, proving this right is a Quora thread where IITians got talking about their first day. 

1. “After the wingies were called out in the corridor and made to sit on the floor by our SGs. They call it “Bullah Katna” meaning to interact. They told us about the culture around the campus, told us some words(“ Chill hai”, “Tempo high hai” “Amma” )from the IITK lingo, and made us comfortable with the atmosphere. They told us some important campus rules(you know the “Code of Conduct” ). Our SG is known as our “Bapu” and the other students under our SG are our “Bhais”. And that’s how the day ended.Eventually, I befriended them all and now they are my best friends.” –  Tarun Agarwal 

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2. “I was very scared as everything looked new with none of my friends with me. I was also tired a lot and wished to get out of the meeting but being scared I sat there till 12, then I slept and I woke up early so that I use my washroom before anyone uses and spoils it (a habit which I am still following). That was how my first day ended” – Harish  


3. “I was completely new to a hostel. I have never lived alone and was direct from the school. So seeing a hostel from inside was completely new. Afterward, we went to an event where we all were briefed by various faculty members. There was some speech about which I don’t remember. Then we were all invited to say something. After a lot of discussion within myself, I went up on the stage and said anything that came to my mind. It was a nice experience.” – Arjun Sahdev

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4. “I was a little nervous and probably everyone was. Seeing all those new faces whom we’re going to live next 4 best years of life. Only one curiosity was there, to talk with them to be friends with most of them to find and see our roommates we’re allotted. All these questions were gazing like anything in our mind.” –  Balbhadra Daxini

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5. “I nearly got lost inside this massive campus but still managed to locate LECTURE HALL 2 where the registrations were going on. One officer kicked me out because I needed xerox copies of certain documents which I didn’t bring with me.” –  Ripunjoy Medhi


6. “After all the formalities I got my temporary ID card of IIT Delhi. I was very happy as now I was the student of India’s Institute of Eminence. Though I was a little bit disappointed at the campus, it’s Delhi and they may not have the greenery but it is located in the middle of the city so very well connected through the transport, you do not have to book a cab every time as you do in other IITs.” – Ankit Tamrakar

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7. “First day, first lecture, first time in IIT- LATE.
Not by a significant time, but by 2 minutes. Unlike my old engineering college, professor allowed all latecomers with a smile (couldn’t figure out if it was sarcastic).
First impression about professors- Generous.” – Sandeep Pawar

The Indian Wire

8. “I reached IIT Jodhpur one day before day scheduled for arrival. Since my guardians, due to some reasons, were not able to come along with me, the place granted me to stay at the campus one day before the scheduled day. One of my senior who called me for informing about the things that I need to bring, helped me a lot during that time.” –  Aman Prakash

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9. “The IIT Madras main gate was astonishing! I showed my admission letter to the guard and he told me to go to the CCW office. So we started moving ahead on this beautiful road with forest on both sides and then suddenly my cab driver slowed the cab. There were 2–3 deers crossing the road!” – Rishabh Verma

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10. “I arrived at the main gate of one of the most prestigious institutes​ of the country. I was nostalgic since I happened to pass by the institute gate a year ago, (had come to Mumbai for Maths Olympiad camp, and wished to come back here). The main gate doubled my expectations.” – Kumar Ashutosh 

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11. “I was not sitting at the orientation held in the convocation hall. I was just in my room staring at my laptop screen surfing from one platform to other. From YouTube to Webex to Gmeet. I did not get a chance to see all the professors in reality. Mostly they were previously recorded messages from them congratulating and welcoming us to the insti.” – Yashasvi Bhatt

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12. “IIT campus never sleeps. You can see students attending their labs at midnight and going to rooms at dawn. Canteens remain open till 3–4 AM. The environment that we feel on the first day was like never-happened-before.” – Kintu


13. “The first day was a disappointment for me and I wished that I could have attended it live but Covid-19 had to come at our time only.” –  Meeta Rajput 

Dheeraj_1 (IIT Mandi student)/ India Today

14. “When I first time came to IIT Roorkee, I was standing in front of the main gate and I was emotional for a couple of minutes. All those classes, Tests, late-night study sessions flashed inside my head in those couple of minutes. I entered the gate and I was in awe of the campus.” – Kanishk Malethiya

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Well, it’s true when they say that you always remember your firsts.

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