Some influencers go out of their way to get more likes and views on their posts and stories but, in return, they end up ‘crossing a line’ that they shouldn’t have. 

Just like these influencers who were called out for being insensitive and lying to their followers just to get a few extra likes. 

1. This influencer stomped all over the plants in a conservatory just for Instagram likes and she didn’t stop even when the staff members asked her to do so. 

She shamelessly continued with her photoshoot despite being told not to. Eventually, she was escorted out of the building. Her image was uploaded on social media by a Reddit user who wrote:

She was asked by multiple people to stop and ignored everyone. Security eventually came and escorted her and her photographer out of the building. Both were asked to not return.

2. This influencer did a photoshoot in Auschwitz Museum where over 1 million people were killed. 

Instead of being mindful and respectful of where she was, she decided to pose on a railway track outside the concentration camp. In fact, her photo was shared by the museum itself. They called her out for being disrespectful and for disregarding the gravity of the site. 

3. This influencer was called out for striking a yoga pose on a Holocaust memorial in Berlin. 

Her picture was shared on the subreddit by Reddit user u/AWJ07 and social media users called her out for being insensitive and being disrespectful towards all those who lost their lives.

4. These Instagram influencers were called out for posting a photo in an incredibly dangerous position. 

Kelly and Kody were criticised by their followers for attempting this extremely dangerous pose which could have easily turned into an accident. They have been called out on several other occasions for dangerous photoshoots.

5. This influencer couple from Belgian were called out by their followers for kissing while dangerously posing in a moving train. 

Camille and Jean received a lot of criticism for this particular photo as you can see both of them literally hanging out of a moving train.

6. This influencer was criticised for posing at the Chernobyl site where thousands of people lost their lives. 

After the success of HBO’s Chernobyl, many influencers flocked to Pripyat to pose for photos. This was termed highly disrespectful.

7. This influencer did a sponsored post for Bang Energy drink on her wedding day and many termed it inappropriate. 

Many people criticised her for not letting go of social media even on the day of her wedding.

8. During the California wildfires in 2018, many influencers took to Instagram to share selfies of themselves that were in no way related to the caption they put out.  

They simply exploited the situation for their own benefit. Their hashtags and their pictures had no relation to their captions. Disgusting!

9. This woman tried to convince her followers that she met some of the band members of Queen backstage but, sadly that wasn’t the case in reality. 

She was called out for superimposing herself onto the photo by another woman who was actually part of the original photo. Ouch!

10. This influencer took to social media to ‘compare’ her life with others who are less fortunate.

Natalie Schlater stood in front of a rice farm and posed in a bikini. But, her caption enraged many of her followers. She was accused of being shallow and narrow minded.

11. Sobhita Dhulipala an influencer/actor claimed that she took her own photo with the help of the self-timer but, soon she was exposed. 

Someone posted a photo of her where you can clearly see a cameraman in the frame, clicking her pictures.

12. This guy was called out for superimposing a photo of a muscular arm over his skinny one. 

You can clearly see that the photo has been edited and it’s not even cropped well.

13. This influencer literally photoshopped an image of a delicious plate of breakfast from the internet and hoped that no one would notice. 

She was called out for copy-pasting a cropped image of a breakfast plate onto her photo.

14. This Instagram model pretended to fly business class and even posted a photo of herself but, she was called out by one of her followers. 

Oceane El Himer posted a photo from the business class section of an airplane, before returning to her seat in the economy class. She was exposed by one of her followers who was on the same flight.

When will they learn?