The closest most of us have ever gotten to a crime scene is by watching crime investigation shows. 

TW: The story contains graphic images, reader discretion is advised. 

But, what really goes on at a real crime scene? How do they ever clean that up?

In reality, when the already grieving families in the US were dismayed to learn that the police were not in charge of cleaning up the crime scene, Spaulding Decon was founded out of a desire to benefit needy families.

Laura Spaulding, Founder and CEO of Spaulding Decon, agreed to help with the family directly to clean up their house at that point. Laura worked as a part-time crime scene cleaner until 2005, when she quit the police department to devote her whole attention to it.


Laura was a one-woman show for the first year. She recruited her first staff in 2006 and began expanding into other sectors, such as drug lab and hoard cleanup.

These guys tackle every task with the same objective in mind as the company’s inception: to aid those in need. They approach every task with the attention and compassion it deserves, whether it’s pest removal or cleaning up after an unattended death.

Since its establishment in 2005, they have expanded their offerings to better serve the community. They can repair houses and businesses alike using unique cleaning chemicals and cutting-edge equipment, regardless of the cause of the damage and filth.

The services they offer include Crime scene cleanup, Drug lab and meth lab testing and cleanup, Hoarding cleanup and psychological support services, Mold remediation and removal, Water Damage Restoration, Tear gas cleanup, Odor removal, Death clean up, Traffic accident clean up, Blood clean up, Homicide clean up, Biohazard disinfection and decontamination, Viral disinfection and decontamination, Purchasing distressed properties and more. 

The company’s Instagram account is a scrapbook on how crime scenes are cleaned up and specially the goriest ones.  

Spaulding Decon was once tasked to remove the decomp from the home. 

They have also cleaned up the remains of a man’s late ex wife in the home he owns. 

This Before & After image of the scene is a proof how efficient they are at work. 

This crime scene where a vibrator was the weapon. 

Some of the pictures they upload depict the true reality and weight of a suicidal situation. 

Here’s how a body decomposing can turn into a biohazard. 

The crew always makes sure to sort through a hoard to the best of their ability, regardless of how large the mess is.

This is what staging a crime scene looks like.  

The well-known case of Gary Heidnik, a serial murderer and rapist from Philadelphia is also highlighted. 

Perhaps most significantly, Spaulding Decon has extensive expertise and is reliable. 

Their cleaning staff all go through rigorous training to ensure that they are prepared to handle hazardous chemicals and pathogens in accordance with OSHA regulations.