If I had a nickel for everytime my parents asked me not to eat chocolates because “daant kharab ho jayenge”, I could’ve bought my own chocolate(s). The entire conflict in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory stems from a father who wouldn’t let his child eat candies. So, chocolate matters and our parents know that. But they also know that they do not want their children to have dental issues and a constant sugar rush.

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However, a 3-year-old from Madhya Pradesh’s Burhanpur took things (understandably) seriously and filed a police complaint against his mother who wouldn’t let him eat toffees. The kid went to the police station with his father and ‘reported’, “My mother steals my toffees, put her in jail.” Who knew chocolates could break relationships?


After the constable heard him and pretended to file the complaint, she also made him understand that there are no ill intentions behind her mother’s actions. The kid’s priorities must be appreciated, though – he clearly knows what he wants and how to get it.

Of course, given the adorable complainant, the internet wants justice.

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Moms who are reading – stop hiding chocolates, or you could be next.