There were some things that were an internal part of every 90s kid and Gen-Z probably has no clue about it. 

From listening to songs on a walkman to playing handheld video games, here are 15 things that will always hold a special place in the hearts of all millennials and, the younger generation probably will never be able to understand why. 

1. Radio

Though transistors and radios have been around since the late 40s, 90s kids were the last generation to get their hands on a radio.

2. Beeper 

Gen-Z will never recognize this gadget but, it was actually the original text.

3. Walkman 

Before Spotify and Apple Music became a thing, we had portable cassette players. Remember?

4. Floppy Disks

Back then, floppy disks weren’t just the “save” icon on our computer.

5. Landline

Before cellphones were invented, we had one landline that was used by everyone in the family.

6. Yellow Pages 

Yellow pages were the only way to find companies/people’s numbers in the past. Now, there’s Google for everything that you want answers to.

7. Crank Handle 

Will Gen-Z ever know the physical difficulty of using a crank window? I guess not.

8. Snake (Mobile Game)

Candy Crush is great but Snake was the best mobile game of all time and nothing comes close to it.

9. VCR Player

Movies can be downloaded today without any hassle but, only the 90s kids know the joy of watching a movie on a VCR player.

10. MS Paint (Word Art)

Today’s kids will never know the hard choices we had to make on MS Paint while preparing a slide/presentation. The struggle was real!

11. Handheld Video Games

Before gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch, PS4 and X-box took over the gaming industry, handheld video games were a thing during the 90s. Oh boy! It was an addiction.

12. Video Parlors 

Gen-Z will never know the joy of going to a video parlor to rent blockbuster movies. And, as a 90s kid myself, I am glad we got a chance to experience that.

13. Yahoo Chat Rooms

Talking to complete strangers on Yahoo chat rooms was so much fun in those days. *Gen-Z kids left the chat*

14. Slap Bracelets 

Yup, slap bracelets were a thing in the 90s. It was one of the coolest things we owned.

15. Non-Digital Cameras

Gen-Z will never know the effort we had to go through to click pictures on a normal camera and go to a photo studio to get those reels developed. The wait was long but, worth it!

Aah…those were the days!