Today, new debates on TV are basically a bunch of clowns with extreme anger management issues trying to put their opinion on the highest pedestal. But that’s not what debate is supposed to be – it’s supposed to be a calm, open-minded, and mutually respectful conglomeration of ideas and thought processes that lead to a specific conclusion.  

A video from the YouTube channel ArchiveMC shows a debate from 1959 between high school exchange students from India, Pakistan, UK and Brazil. The subject was religion.

In today’s polarised world, a debate on religion would have come to blows within seconds. But just watch how these young students put their points across with poise and respect.

They even flirt with the idea of atheism, despite admitting that they were raised to believe in god. 

When one of the debaters stated that humans aren’t meant to question god, Nalini Nair from India swung back with this brilliant rebuttal.

On the whole, the entire segment is a masterclass in how to behave during a debate. We only wish that the news anchors of today could learn something.

Watch the video below.