People on Reddit have shared scenarios when overthinking actually helped them.

If you are an overthinker, there are chances that you have a habit of creating scenarios in your head. While it’s impossible to be prepared for everything, but there have been times when overthinking or over-preparedness have saved people.

1. “I always carry a small sewing kit whenever I go to a wedding. I have sewed two brides into their dresses so far!”


2. “My partner tells me I overthink and over buy groceries because I have an intense fear of not being able to provide for my daughter. When Covid hit and the shops were out of stock of EVERYTHING, guess who was the one supplying food and toilet paper to said partner?”


3. “I had a feeling my entire pregnancy that my daughter would be early. She was due July 21 and I somehow felt like she would arrive before Father’s Day. Bought my husband a pink tie to put her footprints on for his first Father’s Day gift, and had my hospital bag packed and car seat installed early. Had a boy jump from a bookcase onto my belly while I was teaching Pre-k, which tore an abdominal muscle, triggered early labor, and my daughter arrived on June 9th via emergency c-section. No way I could have known, but I prepared.”


4. “Apparently at a party where my parents and their friends were playing board games, there was a realization that an hourglass was missing from one of the games they planned on playing. My mother proceeded to reach into her purse and pull out an hourglass she just so happened to bring, on the off chance they didn’t have one. HOWEVER, later in the night when some drinks had been had, someone accidentally slammed a drink down, breaking my mother’s hourglass. Without missing a beat, she reached into her purse and pulled out ANOTHER hourglass. She knew the first one, being glass, might get broken so she had a backup ready.”


5. “When my son was still a baby, we had to take an 11-hour flight. As an overthinker, I bought at least 25 diapers for him to go through. He didn’t need that many, but the mom sitting close to us was very grateful when she ran out of diapers not even halfway through the flight and I gave her a few.” 


6. “One time, I way overthought a concern I had around the dryer vent fire. When the time came that we had a clog, didn’t know, and there was a wee burst of flames I was fucking READY.


7. “I was supposed to get married at the end of May last year. At the beginning of the year, before any of the pandemic stuff happened, I became obsessed with thinking about all the things that could go wrong and how we would lose our money spent on the event. As a result, I purchased a very high coverage insurance policy for the event. As luck would have it, this type of insurance had no clause that prevented collecting if there was a pandemic. We got all of our money back.”


8. “I carry a fire extinguisher in my auto. I witnessed a car accident where the engine caught fire. I quickly put it out before it burned the inside of the car. Everyone survived.”


9. “I used to live out of my backpack, and I always thought I’d need to leave town, so I kept just about everything in there you could ever need. Often I’d end up having to stay somewhere without much notice, and I’d have: a change of clothes, face wash, toothbrush, toothpaste, scissors, floss, phone charger, money, snacks, etc. Enough to cover me for at least two days without actually needing to go home.”


10. “I always keep chocolate in my car and my dad happened to run low ( blood sugar level – diabetic) without having anything to help and no shops in the vicinity I saved him.”


11. “Riding a motorcycle. I always assume every car around me is going to wildly pull out in front of me or swerve into my lane. Multiple times these assumptions have saved my life. I’m a pretty crazy over-thinker and a lot of times it’s needless to worry. But I feel like sometimes it prepares me for something that DOES actually happen.”


12. “I’m the one dude in any scenario that has tampons on hand. I’ve been that dude since my middle school girlfriend recommended it. It only happens once a year, but I get a huge kick out of the look on people’s faces when I get to offer one up. Fellas if you’re dating someone, just keep a few. They don’t take up much space and you’ll be ready to help at a moment’s notice.”


13. “My company was in shambles financially and was laying off (a bit before corona). I kinda sensed my number will come soon, so I applied for a master’s degree. I got laid off and 2 weeks later I had my acceptance letter for a master’s degree. Saved me from the panic of finding a job in a post corona economy in 2020.” 


14. “That my husband’s female coworker was interested in him. Mentioned it once to him and he denied any interest outright. 8 months later he was moving in with her and we were in the process of a divorce which I paid for quite easily. Happily in my own relationship now over 4 years later.”


15. “Checking if the gas was open in a stove. Every night I would check in the kitchen if the knobs were in place. They would be. One night my brother cooked, he forgot, and before I went to bed I checked and closed it.”


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