I was nine when the news of Michael Jackson passing away shook the world. Big fans of his moves, my sister and I hatched a plan to call his aatma one night when there was a power cut in Mumbai. Dropped the plan halfway when things started feeling really spooky as we knew we weren’t ready for that shit. 

But unlike me, there exist some daredevils who wouldn’t mind toying around something as spooky as an Ouija Board and honestly, it did fascinate all of us at a point. 

We found a Reddit thread where people share the paranormal activities they experienced when they tried calling spirits using an Ouija Board and trust me, you are gonna feel things under your bed tonight. 

1. “Me and 5 of my other friends played with a Ouija board once. We asked the ghost how old they were when they died, and they said “5”. We then asked how they died, and it spelt “M-O-M”. That was pretty spooky.”

2. “My cousin started a fire in my grandma’s basement. All the games, including the Ouija board were under a sofa down there. Everything was incinerated. The sofa, all the other games. They were ashes. The Ouija board wasn’t even singed. We still have it in the original box (also not singed) and this was over twenty-three years ago. We don’t really play with it, all the adults are scared of it.”

3. “I was living in a 4 man room sitting reading a book while my two friends were using a Ouija board. One of them had set up an old cassette Walkman with speakers plugged into the headphone jack. The Phil Collins song ‘I can feel it coming in the air at night’ was playing.

They had been conversing with a benign spirit when it suddenly spelled out ‘Demon is coming’. Immediately as it hit the ‘g’ the song slowed and slowed until it stopped – which sounded like the devil incarnate.

I leapt up and said ‘F**k this – I’m leaving’ and took off. It freaks me out to this day – even though I’m pretty sure the batteries just died at the perfect time.”

4. “Yes, I played with one with a couple of my friends in middle school. One night, two of us were staying over at a friends house while his parents were out. We decided to fart around with a Ouija board. We did it all up, turned all the lights off, lit a dozen candles, etc. Well, we were just joking around with it and asking stupid questions, and of course nothing was happening. Finally, we decided to give it a “serious” try and calmed down. We asked “Are there any spirits in the room?” and all the candles went out. No breeze or nothing, all the window shut, just poof they all went out. Naturally this freaked us the f**k out, so we ran around turning on every light in the house. I lived next door, so I noped the fuc**k out and went home. They were pissed. I’m sure there’s a rational explanation for what happened, but tell that to a spooked 12-year-old.”

5. “On a trip back to the islands for my grandpa’s funeral, a pregnant cousin of mine, my older brother and sister, and I decided to try to talk to our recently passed grandfather. Now everyone back in the islands are very superstitious so there are no Ouija boards available there, so we had to make one out of cardboard and a magnifying glass. We wait til the night after the funeral and head down to the beach behind our grandma’s house and start “summoning the spirits.” All of us never really believed in spirits so we started off just f**king around and asking if Elvis or Michael Jackson could speak to us, but when we did finally ask for my grandpa, everything started feeling eerie as f**k. The magnifying glass started to move and it moved to the letter s before my grandma came running down the hill yelling at us “What have you done?! What have you done?!” And started hitting us. None of us really thought anything of it until the next night my cousin had a miscarriage. I’m not sure if it was just a coincidence or not, but I don’t f**k around with Ouija boards anymore.”

– elllkayyyemmm__

6. “Once we asked the spirit to prove that they were there. Then suddenly my closet doors violently swung open. Slamming loudly against the door frame. No one was standing close enough to touch them.”

7. “Sat around with the g/f and her friend one night, not taking anything too seriously. Decided to whip out the ol’ Ouija board.

Bunch of tests and playing around for a bit when we thought we had a live one on the line. So we asked what time it was…not a clock in the room…no watch…no lcd on a vcr , nothing.

Ran to office to check. Bang. F**king. On.

Back in the box and we watched Care Bears for an hour. I was 24.”

– tedcorp

8. “I have an actual story. When my dad was a kid, he was dicking around with some friends of a friend. They decided to play with a board and my dad just kind of hung back. They were asking all kinds of questions like “who does Bobby like” and giggling about who was moving the planchette when basically out of nowhere it spells out “TELL CLAIRE NOT SAD”. Everyone was pretty confused except my dad. His younger sister, my aunt, had a friend that had died. My dad isn’t exactly religious or spiritual, but that really freaked him out. He wasn’t really close with these people and I don’t know if they knew he even had a sister, much less her name or that her friend died. Of course it’s possible that they were messing with him, but he sincerely doesn’t think so and to this day he’s pretty freaked out about it.”

9. “My cousin, her friend and I had been dicking around with a board for a few days, nothing really happening, we mostly used it to roll joints on by the end. Then one day my cousin was laying on the couch with her phone in her hand, she stretched out and rested the phone on the Ouija board that was on the coffee table. The moment the phone touched it it started to vibrate, a red light went on and what sounded like tons of people screaming and talking in tongues came from the phone, it was as if it were on speaker and it filled the room. We were terrified, it lasted a few moments and then the phone shut off. We got so freaked out we threw the board in the garbage and put it on the curb. The phone doesn’t even have a red light.”

10. “Myself and my friend sat down to play (with Ouija board) and all was going well, the usual describing who was here apparently haunting the place etc.

This continued for about half an hour when I kindly asked the board if I could leave. I was granted a yes. Around ten minutes after me my friend asked to leave and was promptly told no. This entity would just not let her leave, the movements on the board got faster, erratic and the temperature in the room plummeted. Only when several people in the room started crying did this entity let everyone leave. One of the most bizarre and scariest things I have ever witnessed. Safe to say I have never went near one again.”

11. I’ve used one several times but only once did it seem to actually work. I was goofing around with my brother and it definitely gave the impression that it was moving on its own. Like perfect sliding right on top of letters/numbers – very bizarre. My bro swears he wasn’t moving it and I know I wasn’t…he’s not the type to lie. Well anyway, I asked the spirit if my application to Georgetown would be accepted. The spirit said yes…I didn’t get in. Fucker lied to me.”

– ToddHelton4Ever     

12. “My cousin and I used to play with a Ouija board when we were 11-13. Most of the times, it was pretty lame. One time, it got … spooky. The ‘ghost’ said her name was Nora. She died in a car crash when she was 19. Her boyfriend and mother were also in the car at the time of the crash. She wanted to know what happened to them, if they survived. And at one point, the glass moved without us touching it (we had a homemade Ouija board, with a glass and letters cut out from paper).

I don’t believe in ghosts, but that memory still haunts me (pun intended). It sure felt real.”        

– joskelb

13. “In 9th grade, I had a GTV teacher that told us she doesn’t mess with the board because her younger brother used it and suffered the consequences.

He used the Ouija Board. Eventually, he started seeing a tall dark shadow at the foot of his bed at 3 am. It was so creepy that eventually, he needed to get help from a priest or something (I don’t remember). The shadow belonged to a predator that was killed by the village people in the 1800’s.

Here, no sh*t. I once saw a Ouija Board move on its own. And I will NEVER forget this… 

We were gathered at my friend’s house, it was like the 6 of us. One of them brought out a Ouija Board. I decided to not play it because I don’t mess with those things. We were all just watching each other use it, and the subject became dark eventually.

My friends wanted to stop using the board. They must’ve pissed off some spirit because the board violently flew off the table, STRAIGHT into the wall across the room.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, your friend pushed it off.”

The board was not within anyone’s reach at the time.
I was looking at it, NO ONE was even touching it.
The board literally flew, as if someone grabbed it by the edge and pulled it with full force.
After this happened, we disposed of the board and slept with the lights on that night. We swore to never mess with one ever again.

Ouija Boards were used in WWI. I once saw a documentary of a squad using one. The whole squad (all 6 men) died of a heart attack in the 50’s. Interesting story. I have to find the documentary again. 😮 

I’ll hold a tarantula (they’re cute). I’ll jump over fire. I’ll go skydiving with a faulty parachute. But I’ll never mess with a Ouija Board. I’m not taking any risks.”

14. “A house was being built three or so houses down the road. I had an Ouija board, and the house was unlocked at 3 am. So down I walked into the back room, and sat on the floor. I communicated with Quincy who died in a fire in 1942 in the town I live in. He was very friendly.”

15. “So I was at my boyfriend at the times house (this was in high school) and his brother had the board in his room. Well. I decided to go in there and try it on my own. Lit candles. Turned off lights.

I ask if the spirit is from the sun or the moon. It pointed towards the sun. I then asked what it’s name was.

And I shit you not

I wasn’t currently thinking of the person at the time

But my dead great grandfathers name was spelled out.

It was real cool to say the least.

I was too in shock to continue so I said thank you and goodbye, and left it at that.

I haven’t used a ouija board alone since, but now I actually believe in it. So yeah.”

16. “My cousin’s and I all had a sleepover at my grandma’s house back in the day. At the time, she lived in the basement of an old house. Basements are already creepy, but this place was haunted for sure. One night while my grandma slept, we turned off all the lights, lit somre candles, and took out a Ouija board. Before we could even properly start, the radio and tv switched on, and the window blinds suddenly pulled. We turned the lights on so quickly and didn’t sleep. Never touched it again.”

I’m sleeping with my mom tonight, what about you?