Beta shaadi kab kar rahe ho?” is the most commonly asked question after “Kya aapke toothpaste mein namak hai?”

We thought avoiding weddings can save us from the conversations of the Seema aunties in our society but their conformist mentality somehow gets seeped into our households.

If we start ranting about what sucks about being in a typical Indian society then the list will get longer than our quarantine watchlist.  

However, we recently stumbled upon a Reddit thread and the responses make us scream “SAME!” 

1. “Beta, package kitna hai tumhara?”

2. “Moral policing.”
–  [deleted]

3. “The behavior of groom’s parents and relatives at any wedding.”

4. “People think babas and mantras will solve their problem.”

5. “Beta marks kitne aye?”

6. “Cocky Royal Enfield riders.”


7. “Crossing the fine line between affection and oppression for kids, especially girls, in the families.”
– boredmonk 

8. “The lack of driving etiquettes, and the constant need to honk.”
– Jksah


9. “The constant asking of various things by Indian relatives for absolutely no reason and being obnoxious. Also no concept of privacy and private space.”

10. “Modi wave.”

11. “Hum kyun unke lafde mein padenge? Jo hua hain unke saath, woh unka problem hain.”

12. “The cops, man. We’re just mobile ATMs to them. If you’re out with a girl, God save you.”

13. “Playing music on loudspeakers in trains.”


14. “Educated people believing in superstitions.”

15. “Lack of civic sense. Bsdk dustbin ek reason se naam hai uska. I was once, almost beaten up in public for arguing with a dude near a sweets shop.”

16. “Religion taking place everywhere.” 

17. “Deification of actors. It is one thing to respect or idolize them, they do that in any country; but to see them as practically Gods who are untouchable, and who can do no wrong – and to whom laws should not even apply because you are such a fan of theirs – that is going too far.”


18. “Pure selfishness and apathy. Hypocritical. Herd Mentality. Always being the victim: the Brits have left get over them now.”

19. “The fact we are such a sexually repressed society. We invented kama sutra.”

20. “You can believe in whatever fucking religion you want, but you are NOT going to damage your health by fasting/alternative medicine.”

21. “Lack of freedom of thought, expression from parents, and the constant scrutiny of theirs under which you must live because, well, we’re dependent on them.”

22. “People flouting traffic rules and getting mad at pedestrians when they’re almost run over, as a result. The entitlement!”

23. “Lack of respect towards animals. People will not let animals exist. They always interfere in their lives and go out of their way to kill them or harm them. People who actually advocate for animal rights are ridiculed.”

The list is longer, we’re sure. Shoot your rants in the comment below.