‘That’s it. I don’t care anymore’ and then immediately post so-called ‘relatable quotes’ on Instagram for him to stop scrolling, pause and think about me. 

It’s fine, we all have been guilty of doing this at some point in life.

Whether you agree or not, lack of intimacy in the pandemic made many of us fall back into the old patterns or perhaps old partners. 

Reigniting an old flame, for some, might be a better idea than feeling like a saint in a cave but for some it’s like taking a metro back to hell! 

Recently, in a Reddit thread, people discussed how they successfully or unsuccessfully rekindled their romance with an ex and I believe their stories are worth reading!

1. “SO and I had a bit of a rocky start, ended up breaking up after a few months mostly because we were both a little too immature for a serious relationship, I think. We did stay in touch, though, and talked now and again. A year or so later, we realized we still liked each other and wanted to give it a go now that we were in a better place. Married 5 years last month.” 

2. “Honestly? I was naive as hell, and believed him when he made out things would be better and he’d be more attentive/care more about the relationship.

Fast forward a few months down the line, I realise he’s only using me for a) money, b) sympathy and c) when he’s horny. And he cheated on me. :)) fucking bastard.”

3. “I was still in love… really dumb mistake, as a few months later she broke my heart again. Lesson learned, sadly.”

4. “I’ve only ever gotten back with an ex once. I went back because I had broke up with him for a stupid reason. He was devastated, I was devastated, and we spent a month apart. He messaged my sister about some mail of mine at his house (I had him blocked on everything) and she showed me the message; he had been asking how I was, if I was seeing anyone, etc. I unblocked him and told him he could bring me my mail at lunch. We got lunch and neither of us ate- too nervous. It was like a first date all over again. We kissed at the end, and were back together before the end of the week. 

We had to overcome a lot of issues because we both had been “talking” to other people. We trucked through. We’ve been married for a year and welcomed twins on New Years Day. That month apart was all we needed to know that we never wanted to be with anyone else. I can’t wait to be old with him.”

5. “She called because she was having surgery and wanted to clear the air. In case she did not make it.

I drove 600 miles to see her and hold her hand. She was okay and recovered fine.

We were married a year later. Still married 35 years now.”

– cbelt3

6. “He explained that he made a mistake and wanted to get back together. We talked about what had been on our minds. Been a couple months now. Things are much better.”

7. “Told me she was going to kill herself because of me. ‘Don’t feel bad, it’s okay if we break up you should do what you need to be happy. I am going to kill myself because of this though. Just let it happen’. Then she attempted suicide with pills and went to the ward at hospital, I spent every second I could visiting and worrying about her. 

This may sound horrible, but I genuinely believe she lied about that to get in there and get everyone worried looking back at it. Doctors found nothing wrong.

Broke up a few months later and she didn’t kill herself so that’s good.”

8. “It was a ‘you never know what you have until you lose it’ situation. For both of us. We got back together a month after we broke up, still together now and 100x happier!”                                                                               

9. “Couldn’t stop thinking about him. I’d have dreams about him, I’d find myself wondering what he was doing, and anytime something cool happened I automatically thought about sharing it with him. Even when we hadn’t talked for months.

Timeline was we had dated for a year, broke up, dated other people for about a year, then happened to move to the same neighborhood. Passed him on the street and we got coffee. Eventually we started hanging out as friends. Then his girlfriend dumped him. We hung out more, just stuff like watching movies. We watched the first two seasons of Deadwood together, I remember. Lot of sexy scenes in the first season lol. One night he fell asleep on my couch and I just wanted him to stay so bad.

A week later I dumped the guy I had been dating, and the very next night, he came over to watch some zombie movie with me. After the movie he went out with a friend and they had a car accident. Nobody was hurt but he was so shaken up, he came back to my apartment and asked if I wanted to get back together. And of course I did, I was obsessed with the guy.

That was 10 years old ago, and we’re happily married now.”

10. “I was a gigantic fucktard and never learn until I make the mistake.”

11. “We broke up for like a week after we had been dating for like 2 months. She texted me asking to pick something up from my house. She stayed and we talked. Now we’ve Been together for 7 years and happily married for 3 with our first kid on the way in October.”

12. “He broke up with me after 4 years together, but because we were close friends for years, he thought he could break up with me and still remain friends.

It broke my heart but I would rather not talk to him ever again than have him be a friend again (I don’t work that way). He realised what he was about to lose so chased me again and we got back together. Got married after 2 years. Funny how the world works, can’t imagine doing life without him.”

– duckiet                

13. “I think at the time we both kinda realized we were the best each of us could get at the time. However a year later we slowly realized that wasn’t true anymore.”

14. “Reminds me of an old Larry Miller joke: ‘This milk is spoiled’ puts it back in the fridge ‘maybe it will be fine tomorrow’.”

15. “We broke up because of distance and then realised it was better to be together and far away than alone and single.”

16. I broke up with her because I was severely depressed and didn’t have the emotional strength or mental energy to carry on a healthy relationship. It sucked because I basically broke up with someone I was in love with.

almost a year later we’re back together, I’m doing ok.”

17. “We were too young and family were too involved. Once we left college and started working, we met up again and it was like he was a level up version of himself. Less volatile and controlling and he says the same for me. We are together for 8 years and married now 🙂 we own our own independent businesses and have a little dog. Life is amazing!”

18. “Dumped me the day before I went away for a week. No cell service. No internet. No way to communicate. Had time to think things over and figure out what I wanted. I knew as soon as I hit cell service I was gonna get a bunch of texts begging me to take her back and apologizing for dumping me. Had already made the decision to take her back.

Next month will be our 8 year wedding anniversary.”

19. “They apologized for dumping me and told me that breaking up was a huge mistake. I was still in love with him, so despite my better judgement, I agreed to get back with him. That was 5 years ago, and now we live together and are as in love as ever!”

20. “We had been broken up for a month, I received a long text message from her telling she realized she made a mistake and that she missed me. Intensive Tinder dating during that month helped me realize I didn’t only want to be with her for sex. Things have never been better before.”

– Anonymous 

Do ‘second chances’ work? Think, and let us know in the comments below!